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Sailor Mars and Kurosagi to hook up?

And I am one happy fangirl.

From Tokyograph, jyoyu.blogspot:


On Friday was the official PR/Interview-Event for Fuji TV’s summer getsu9 dorama “Buzzer Beat” with Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitagawa Keiko in the starring roles. The special thing about the two is that they both graduated from the same university and so the reporters would like to know their impressions of each other. “I met her at the university. She was very adult-like during her graduation,” Yamashita revealed while Kitagawa shyly explained the big gap between the naturally stoic Yamashita and the pathetic young man he’s playing in the dorama. “The biggest surprise is to see him playing such a pitiful kind of young man. He was so busy during his time in university, yet he was still so strict on himself and attended all the classes, he seemed like a person who could pull through anything.”


The dorama is about the timid yet upright pro-basketball-player Kamiya Naoki (Yamashita) and the strong-willed and disobedient Shirakawa Riko (Kitagawa) who graduated from a college of music. What starts with a simple encounter, eventually ends up in a love square and a lot of hardships for everyone.
Just like the title of the dorama might give away, there is going to be a scene with Yamashita having to do a last-second score during a match (with the “buzzer” that signals the end of a match).
The new “getsu9” dorama is going to start on July 13 and will air on Mondays at 9pm (hence the “getsu9”). The first episode will have a longer runtime as usual.


Co-stars Itou Hideaki (who co-starred with Inoue Mao in First Kiss) and Aibu Saki (who can forget her in Absolute Boyfriend?)


They’ve got a pretty impressive line-up: Shihori Kanjiya plays Kitagawa’s friend, while Hideaki Ito serves as Yamashita’s rival in love. Junpei Mizobata, Nobuaki Kaneko, Miki Maya (woot woot! love her!) , and Masaru Nagai are also part of the supporting cast.

The love story has Yamashita playing a salaryman who belongs to his company’s basketball team. Despite his appearance, he is completely weak under pressure when it comes to work and romance. Although he has a girlfriend, Saki Aibu, he falls in love with a spirited and cheerful woman who is unable to be straightforward (Kitagawa).

Yamashita’s only experience with basketball so far is in classes at school, so he is undergoing special training for two weeks.



Okay, I have yet to see the light of day when Yamapi actually smiled or at least give a hint of an expression in photos. Wonder why. Though he did express in a show (the documentary-type one where they followed him around for months) that he’s an “idol who can’t smile” — it’s just that he can’t, no matter how he tried. But I don’t think that means he doesn’t any fun or outgoing personality. There are some people who looks real good or too perfect but can’t really put them to good use (okay random logic there). Kinda like how Jaejoong (bringing him up again, so biased!) tends to be all pretty but has this stone-cold expression on his face, don’t you think so? Anyways, enough rambling, bask in some Yamapi lovin!


 Why the sad face, pretty boy?

 Pi’s signature chuuuu~ pose! The pic aboive was taken from Nobuta Wo Produce, my fave Yamapi phase ever. Where did that happy tralala konkon boy go?

 And of course, we can’t have Pi without mentioning his…

 …trademark manboobs. ROFL.


THE REAL LOWDOWN: The premise of Buzzer Beater sounds pretty interesting, though the descriptions of the characters can be a bit… bipolar? Aibu Saki plays an office lady who’s ALSO a cheerleader, Pi plays a salary man who’s ALSO a basketball player. Okay, him belonging to the company basketball team may explain things and I’m not saying people can’t do both. But it could be a challenge as to how they’re going to make one cohesive story that blends in an office environment and basketball, plus throw in the music sidestory of Keiko (who’s going to play the violin). It COULD work, though.

What concerns me a little is Pi’s acting (even real Pi fangirls know and admit) that often comes off as not intense enough or sometimes lacks that quality where you can get attached to him. Nobuta was an exception because the character is adorable in itself. I watched a couple of Code Blue episodes and I couldn’t get past the rest! Kurosagi had a good plotline, but… something’s just missing. Keiko is fierce and Saki has a tendency to be overly cutesy, but I’m sure they’ll do well. But I wonder how Hideaki will fit in to this young cast?


Goodness. I love this girl. It’s okay to fangirl a girl even when you’re a girly girl, right? LOL. I remember watching the horrible Tokyo Drift in the theaters just because she had a bit role there. I was eagerly waiting for her scenes but got disappointed when she barely got to say, like, 3 or 4 lines!! I swear, Tokyo Drift should be thrown off into outer space. Bowow in the cast, seriously? It’s just not the same without Paul Walker and Vinn Diesel. Anyhoodles, that’s another story.

Keiko looking good in specs! Major gorgeous in the third pic!

Has anyone here watched the movie “Dear Friends”? Keiko played a beautiful and popular student who’s narcissistic, stuckup and manipulative. Deep inside she has problems and she will realize everything once she gets sick and meets this girl who will treat her as a real friend. In other words, I cried. Not the best film out there, but it’s a must watch for fans who loved stories like One Litre of Tears because it was so touching.


Keiko working it in a beauty ad with my other fave, Erika Sawajiri (who I also fangirl, and cried for when she got married. lol I’m weird like that)


Pi was reported to have dated Aibu Saki and it was also rumored that  she would visit him on the set of Byakkotai (Pi’s period film with KAT-TUN’s Koki). Some people from the staff of “Waratte ii to mo” saw them leave a karaoke box together in Shinjuku, and they have also been seen together getting on a rowing boat together in a park in Kichijôji.  YES. KARAOKE MEANS DATING. But we all know Aibu is dating TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya now.
Well, Pi was also linked with other stars like Maki Goto and Suzuki Emi (Yukan Club, who probably dated half of JE) and of course who can forget Pi and gravure idol Abiru Yuu?

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

The purikura that started it all.


Allegedly a rather intimate pic of Keiko and Pi that got people talking. Back then the media was abuzz about the two because them dating is not really far off. Both study in Meiji University back then (that’s where Inoue Mao also graduated!) and they pretty much hang around the same celeb friends circle—Keiko is also friends with Shirota Yuu who’s part of Pi’s gang.



But Keiko was once linked to Matsujun (who knew he was dating girls??) and recently Ryo Kimura (the one who played the gay guy in Hana Kimi).


Ryo Kimura. Flash magazine reported that he and Keiko were seen at a karaoke box (see? karaokes are dead giveaways!! lol) and afterwards they went to a video store and to Keiko’s apartment.

As much as I don’t care, the Japanese entertainment rumor mill is just hilarious as it is amusing. And if these were true, I wonder how it will be like once Pi, Aibu and Keiko were put in one place together?

Can I say, awkward?


QUESTION TIME! Which girl artist have you or do fangirl (if you’re a girl)?

P.S. In KPOP I uber fangirl Lee Hyori.


25 Responses

  1. That’s weird how karaoke means dating. anywhos, yays yamapi has a new drama 😀 😀

  2. Oh my… At first well, I was more interested at Tackey-Ryo’s drama, I mean plot-wise (as I love that type of story), but seeing the line of artists for this dorama, OMG, I’m going to love this, definitely.

    But then, Mizukawa Asami is joining Tackey&Ryo. Then there’s Nagase’s drama. Oh my, this upcoming season is so ❤

    As for the polling; for me it should be Ueto Aya, Aragaki Yui, and Toda Erika :p~

    • whooaaa haven’t heard about the new ryo tackey drama! i was majorly spazzing over this one but i’m definitely up for that! mizukawa asami is lovely and it would be interesting how their chemistry pans out! what’s the story about? yeah i think this season is definitely upping up its ante. guess the competition is so on!!! oh, and on a side note, massu is confirmed to be the lead star on a play! JE is on fire!

  3. I love Toda Erika the best right now. Next is Aragaki Yui.

  4. not sure if it’s at the point of fangirling, but i definitely follow Horikita Maki closely. and i definitely fangirl over Leah Dizon, she’s so perfect to me *envious*
    i’m liking the cast, aside from hideaki (he seems so out of place O_o)
    definitely one of the dramas i’ll be watching out for, especially because i haven’t seen kitagawa since sailor moon and i’ve grown to really like aibu saki x]
    and well, pi of course. i’ll even ignore his unresponsive expressions =D

    • yeah i agree hideaki would seem so lost with that cast!! i presume he will be the guy whom aibu saki turns to while pi goes after keiko. hmmm. we’ll see. and right on leah dizon! if you haven’t noticed i’ve been updating posts about her lol. one of the prettiest faces ever.

  5. *raises hand*
    I love this post ‘coz it seems that we have the same likings. XD I’ve started to love Kitagawa ever since i watched Dear friends! I read her blog and i fangirl her with a passion. She’s such a nice person and i was always hoping for a Yamapi-Keiko interaction because they are both lovely people. And then…Buzzer Beat got announced! *massive nosebleed*
    I usually like Aibu Saki but her role in Zettai Kareshi bugged me big time. (maybe because i’d read the manga before and i was imagining another Riiko)
    Tbqh the plot of this drama sounds quite boring but with such a cast they will manage to keep me glued to the screen. Miki Maya is LOVE & HOMG she’s playing Yamapi’s mom!

    Here’s another Chinese article on YamapixKeiko rumours! I’ve had it bookmarked all this time. ^^”

    And holly mola you just mentioned JaeJoong! I will love you forever and i can’t agree more with what you said there.

    My Korean bias is Han Hyo Joo. *gets shot*

    • omg dear friends!! i’ve been trying to get people to watch that lol!!! pi and keiko –massive nosebleed indeed! i agree about aibu saki she gets a bit annoying with the extreme cuteness and innocent image idunno it just seems a bit too much.

      miki maya. she is beyond cool! have you watched her in cartoon kat-tun (wayyy old episode) where she wore a black suit just to match the guys? kame was such a fanboy then. she was also in zettai kareshi but only had a small role. usually the cool older-sister whom everyone turns to for help.

      han hyo joo is gorgeous. first saw her in spring waltz! too bad she’s been getting antis from cassies because of her role with jaejoong!

      • miki maya. she is beyond cool!

        I agree! First time i had seen her in Attention Please! What an awesome lady. But she’s like everywhere anyway. XD Unfortunately i haven’t watched that Cartoon episode you’re talking about. I had no idea she went there.

        Yup poor HHJ. T-T Actually she also bugs me a bit in the preview of Heaven’s Postman but i can get over that annoying screams since i like her a lot.

        I got a friend to watch Dear Friends but Kitagawa reminded her of Erika Sawajiri. I loved the bitchy Keiko anyway. XD And that cool disco song she was dancing to in the club omo it was ace.

  6. …but i thought ryo kimura WAS gay in real life!?

    i can’t say much about the individual acting skills lol but what a good looking cast indeed!

  7. So I’m definitely a HUGE Shiina Ringo fangirl. She’s SO gorgeous, SO brilliant, and a mommy too! XD I love her crazy lyrics and how she pairs them with bouncy melodies… and she’s been doing it since she was 19! Ahhh I LOVE her!

    Amuro Namie is also someone who I fangirl a bit… she’s just so CHIC! And PRETTY! Not to mention Okinawa’s resident goddess, lol.

    In terms of actresses… I really like Miyazaki Aoi and Nakashima Mika (lol Nana bias, anyone?) I especially began to like Aoi when I watched Virgin Snow, and since Mika WAS Nana, well, you know ^^

    I also love Maya Miki… such a funny person, I’d love to meet her someday. I wish she were my aunt or something ^^

    For Koreans, it’s definitely Jeon Ji-hyun and Yoon Eun-hye. Soooo awesome! I love their down-to-earth-yet-fashionable vibe, and I enjoy most of their works.

    Hmm… I feel like there are a few more female celebrities I kinda fangirl, but I can’t think of them right now (probably because I can list a lot more that I can’t stand, lol)

    Thanks for another great post ^^

    • huhhh we do have a lot in common! i was fangirling namie a few posts ago! and i love love virgin snow with miyazaki aoi! the story is a bit meh, but the chemistry between her and jun ki was awesome! i didn’t finish nana 2 because miyazaki was no longer in it and i hated the other girl! shiina ringo is such a rockstar! i love her songs! shuraba (ugh can’t list them all too many) and a lot of other english songs! did you know that gwen stefani was inspired by her? that’s why she was in this harajuku phase for a while in terms of style and music (with the japanese girls tottering behind her lol). yoon eun-hye i love in goong! loved her clothes and cute hair!

  8. Yamapi *nosebleed*

    Hm. Actress that I follow?? I don’t really have any actresses that I follow hardcore. I do like Keiko, I’ve liked her since I saw sailormoon….Although I dont have much to say about MopGirl except it was ok. I’m excited to see this drama, hopefully it will be better, but I mean, Pi is in it, so it HAS to be. (lol)

    I do like Nakama Yukie though. I think she is the first female Japanese actress I started to like, probably because one of the first jdramas I watched (looong ago) was Tokyo Wankei. ^_^

    • i haven’t seen mop girl! i thought it had a very “ghost” concept ala jennifer love hewitt. nakama yukie is a classic beauty. she’s really mature yet she can still pull off younger roles. wow tokyo wankei is like lightyears ago lol. but i have to admit gokusen plot is tiring if not for the pretty boys lol.

  9. lol luv your blog =D
    will be visiting alot hehe

    damnn kitagawa keiko is so lucky,
    and she’s been linked to most je guys,
    i heard suzuki emi dated matsujun too
    but they are all very pretty actresses,
    cant wait to see it, and hottt

    • sure thing! thanks for visiting my blog, you’re always welcome! lol suzuki emi has dated like ALOT of je (or at least rumored to have been)—matsujun, pi, jin, some juniors, lol. she looks like a doll really. liked her in yukan club she was made for roles with the diva-princess attitude! keiko is so gorgeous!

  10. i fangirl nagasawa masami =D
    lol just kidding =P
    fangirl masami?? pshhh, as if.

    i fangirl Erika Sawajiri and Kamiki Aya AND my ultimate fav Inoue Mao =P
    for Kpop i fangirl….hmmm who do i fangirl.. CSJH the grace, Zhang Li Yin, After School and newbies 2NE1 ^^
    Lee hyori too, but you already mentioned her =P

    I don’t know who keiko is ^^;; But i’m definitely watching this. And her other drama. Where she’s stuck up. Gonna check for the title later xD *too lazy to scroll up*

    PS i just love the rumours… Everyone dated everyone. Makes me wonder, who didn’t have a scandal?
    Ikuta Toma?
    Inoue Mao?
    Who else?

    • LOL my eyes kinda widened when you mentioned masami. i was like, for real?? anyways kamiki aya has always been my fave rock chick. her song youthful diary was on repeat in my ipod for months before i got sick of it! inoue mao is one of those low key actresses who doesn’t appear much on tabloids except when she has a new project or something. she’s really a role model. i don’t know much about toma though, but i read before that he had this persistent fanboy who kept following him around lol. if you want really juicy gossip, look up on akanishi jin lol that guy is major tabloid material, always being spotted with “model-like” girls.

  11. I was never much of a yamap fan. He was always so gloomy… I miss the Nobuto wo produce days.

    I fan girl Kuroki Meisa. Hard. And Yui. I actually fangirl a LOT of girls. It’s kind of sad…

  12. Kitagawa Keiko is way better than Abiru Yuu. I hope P and Kitagawa Keiko will be together although that might make P’s fangirls cry a gallon. Let P have some female companion XD (now, P’s fan, don’t kill me)
    I think that the female actress that I like the most is Mizukawa Asami.
    I don’t really like Maki (she must be tired in Atashinchi no Danshi, she’s always running around! at least that is what it seems to me).
    I also like Erika Toda and Nakama Yukie and Miki Maya!
    But, I don’t think that I really fangirl those actress… T_T
    I only started liking Erika Toda after I watched Ryuusei no Kizuna.

  13. Girl-crush, eh? Hmmmm

    I looove Inoue Mao (so cute!), CSJH The Grace (TALENT. RIGHT THERE.) and After School~

    On a random note, when I was reading this it hit me how different Jpop and Kpop stars are, school-wise. I remember reading this news report about Yamapi failing a course by two points (or something like that) and then you look at all the kpop stars who supposedly “attend university” *cough*DBSK*cough* but you never even hear about them going to school XD.

    Though if DBSK went to uni regularly they’d be molested by crazy fangirls O_O

    On a unrelated note, did you know that 2PM’s Jay is doing BUSINESS at university? HAHAHAHAHAH. Lol, Bec and I laughed SOOO hard when we read that XDDD. BUSINESS XDDDDDDD

    • awww i made a fangirl post on inoue mao and her new movie! i’m so waiting for that one, her co-star is so cute. after school i love becka (well, of course, ga hee) she’s so gorge and has this smiley face.

      i agree about school life of kpop and jpop stars. i remember watching an interview with yamapi about him attending school— they really do go there in person and not just online (unless they really can’t) and he can’t go around normally as people will pull out their cell phones (poor guy) and most of the time he’ll get tons of letters in his locker. they even showed a pic of him and news co-member koyama in a classroom. i din’t know dbsk “went” to school! i mean, how can they? have you seen the chaotic mess of college paparazzis when sun ye went to uni? girls’ generation yoona seems to be doing pretty well in school.

      and lol i heard jae goes to uni with taec and got an F in chinese characters? but i din’t know he’s taking business. ROFL seriously. makes me wonder what our economy in the future is gonna be like lol. pi took business to if i’m not mistaken!

  14. I really like Keiko just because I think she’s 100 times better than abiru yuu…so i was like..yamapi should date keiko again haha!!!!…she is also very elegant in most of her photoshoots…and about aibu saki…I love her smile…Anyway about yamapi…I actually think he’s not great of an actor…and he’s not even my crush or something…but when I come to think of it…I watched quite a lot of his drama…Stand UP!, Dragon Zakura, Proposal Daisakusen, Kurosagi, Nobuta Wo Produce, Ikebukuro West Gate Par, I even watched PPOI(his super old mini drama)and I’m about to watch code blue…and take note…oguri shun, narimiya hiroki, and matsujun are my fav.actors but there’s only a few drama that I’ve watched with them….haha

    and about who I fangirl…there’s a lot really….in japan I like kuroki Meisa, Inoue Mao, Toda erika, Horikita Maki, Aragaki Yui and Becky….I really love Becky’s personality…while in kpop….I think almost everyone who see Lee hyori will fancy about her.. haha…I also love her personality… next is girl’s genertaion(SNSD) as much as i love to hate this girls but the more I hate them the more I am loving them….I was also affected by the gee craze haha

  15. I used to not like Keiko Kitagawa much because I don’t know, she didn’t appeal to me much before and I thought her mouth/lips look weird. ^^; But I started liking her more after watching her in “Dear Friends” Pretty good movie! Except for the part when the friend went a little too extreme on cutting her own breast out. Um….do people really do that in reality? LOL. But damn, Keiko need to eat more. That girl is like stick skinnyyyy!!! But I thought she acted pretty good in there for her first movie ever. =)

    Girl artist that I fangirl? Now it’s probably Namie Amuro. I’ve been youtubing her almost everyday and I can’t seem to stop listening to her songs, they are so addicting!

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