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Fashion Confessions: Korean Men in Black and White

Nothing looks better on a guy than black and white.


Springing from my previous Fashion Confessions post about Kpop’s color explosion trends, I decided to go the opposite way—to classic, basic hues of black and white. I compiled a lot of images from the photoshoots of Korea’s top male artists and popstars in one page just because I love you all. Okay— that and because I’m also a self-indulgent fangirl. *piercing evil laugh kekeke* Black and white photos give off that vintage, nostalgic feel and makes everything look sophisticated, and most of all, it makes even the most   fruity boy look dammmn manly.


Starting with, none other than… DANIEL HENNEY

Looking good from every angle.

Dan Henney is the anti-thesis to all Korean noonas who just love to love little boys. He defines what manly man is— and it’s actually refreshing to know that you can pine over a guy without having to worry about ending up in jail.  rofl


Actor  LEE JI HOON (famous for his roles alongside Eugene and Lee Da Hae).


The Antique Bakery men (well, three of them anyway)!!

Major major spazzzz! Excuse me while I wipe the blood off my nose for a sec. I fell in love with Kim Jae Wook here even when he was playing the queer role. The guy’s got some balls! (pardon the pun!)  Such a challenging role that needs courage and skill to do and he pulled it off! Let’s put the whole Joo Ji Hoon scandal on hold for a while and acknowledge the guy’s acting props! He was superb in this movie—far cry from his stoic, awkward acting in Goong! The rest of the cast had explosive chemistry as well!




No matter how you try to shake him off, Goo Jun Pyo is here to stay. The guy is EVERYWHERE. It-boy Lee Minho’s been gracing every high fashion magazine, cfs, billboards, posters, tabloids and whatnot  in Korea right now–he’s even planning an album! Let’s just hope he won’t suffer what some other it-boys have gone through before—overexposure.



When you talk about acting, this guys the ACE! He’s got the classic Korean good looks but despite that he is able to be a jack of all trades and pull off a variety of roles from a pretty school boy to mysterious prisoner.



This just proves that Kim Bum can work the ruffled-haired bad boy that’s far from his silk scarf-vest-wearing days in Boys over Flowers.  From an angle (left photo) he kinda resembles Suju’s Kyuhyun!



Yet another stellar actor. He looks great in casual shirt and jeans.


My name is RAIN.

Standing on the ledge and looking damn fionnne. Love the mix of casual and semi-formal long-sleeved white shirt paired with those shoes. Very smart and fresh looking.

Can never get tired of this look! Casual shorts paired with his jacket and zushed polo! Very clean and looking ready for a ride on the seaside!

There’s no talking about Rain without…

…him flexing his abs. I don’t care what everyone says about him being a has-been, but seriously, the guy still has it. When I heard that his song “Love” was voted number one in a poll for most wanted song on Kiss Day— I was beyond ecstatic. That song sounds good (you should listen to it in acoustic!) and I’m still rooting for the guy. It’s just the whole oily, breathy Rainism thing he had going on that brought everything down a notch.

Rain sure loves his sunglasses. Looking dapper in striped shirt!<3



Starting with…. DBSK (of course!)

Can do no wrong with Junsu’s fitted black shirt!! Jaejoong’s necklace, Changmin’s simple look and Yunho looking smex. Yoochun should lose the cowboy-witch hat though. We all know Mickey has a flair for eccentric/European style—which is sometimes either a hit or a miss.


Just because.


ONE DAY is all you need.

I’ll shut up now and let the pictures speak for themselves.

See what I said about boys looking manly when put in black and white? Khun, why must you keep on killing me? Even Wooyoung thinks so too! (okay I know Khun defeats the post title but meh, he might as well be. It still amazes me how well he’s able to adapt and learn the language by heart!)

No one can beat the Jun brothers!

Jaebum… I’ve lost all words.



When it was announced that they were releasing their latest album, I didn’t bat an eyelash. I was like, Oh great. Another Circus. Bring on the clowns. But when I saw their new style and heard their new brand of music, I was blown away.

They worked the vintage-esque grunge British rockstar mixed with polished suit-neck-tie-wearing Beatles look and voila. HOTNESS. I’m looking at YOU, Heechul!

Manly man Siwon looked maddd hot and while I think Ryeowook will always be the geeky, obssessive-compulsive-clean-freak boy who gets beaten by the other guys every now and then—he surprisingly looked good in their album photos! And can we leave out Donghae?? That boy can do no wrong!

Suju’s stylists must be doing something right. Love their new, mature image. SHINEe should take notes from them for reals.

Who knew Ryeowook can rock it like that?

Main MC and leader Lee Teuk

Eccentric yet charming Heechul has a world of his own. Even Mithra (of Epik High) called him “a good kid… but retarded.” LOLOL spot on!

Resident cutie Sungmin

Maknaes are not allowed to be this hot. Except for Kyuhyun, that is.

Sexy, chest popping Eun Hyuk!

Adorkable Ryeowook.

I would love to put up all 12 of them but bandwidth says no!!


CATEGORY 1: Which among the individual men works the black and white best?

2: Which among the boy bands look the hottest?


MY LOWDOWN: My vote goes to Rain because I love they way he looked and worked the camera in that photoshoot, whereas for boybands, I love 2pm but my vote goes to Super Junior hands down!

P.S. Whew!  Hope you liked this post!



12 Responses

  1. hahah~ this is fuuuun~ xDD
    i say KIM BUM for category 1 hahah~

    and dear~ i just soooooooo love your comments on SuJu
    especially WOOKIE my adorable wookie hahaha~
    MinMin is really the resident cutie no question to that :)))
    Kyuuu~ arrrgh~ i also wonder how can be that MAGNAE become sooo hooot~
    wookie i love him a looot~
    so for category no.2 obviously am bias haha~ so SUPER JUNIOR YAAY!

  2. Uwaah…I LOVE black and white pictures…you have no idea how much I enjoyed this post because of that *___*
    I hate to be so…well, obvious, but I choose KimBum for the individual guys…honestly, I loved him long before Boys Over Flowers, back when he played younger/dorkier roles…but with this, I am just like “OMG, you are sooooo fine!” *sighs* He really grew up, and this sexy image suits him well. (and you’re right, he DOES look like Kyuhyun in that picture lol)
    Among the boybands…this is evil…I want to say 2PM because I love them so much (aka BIAS) but I only like certain pictures from that photoshoot…and besides, I have a HUGE SuJu bias as well, since they were what got me into K-pop. So I will have to say SuJu…especially Sungmin (my favorite member)…but Ryeowook looks really cute too!!
    LOVED this post…you really can’t go wrong with black and white pictures. (I wish J-pop used black and white more often…I remember the one pictures of Matsujun that were black and white…they made him look SOOOOO hot…and I don’t find him attractive most of the time!)

    • thanks! glad you enjoyed this post! lol a lot of people are voting for kim bum even my friends who weren’t a fan of him in BoF are going gaga when they saw this pic…. suju really made a complete makeover right? i mean, compare this to their cooking? cooking! days or even, omg, don’t don with all the hair color explosion lol. and awww sungmin!! i think he looked the best in their sorry sorry vid!! i was like, dang i din’t know cutie sungmin can get down like that!

      • I was REALLY surprised by Sungmin recently, both in Sorry Sorry and in Star King…I was just like “Oh my effing God…where the hell did the sex appeal come from?!” He was always the goody-goody but suddenly he was smoking hot! But he’s such a cutie otherwise…his personality is ADORABLE!
        Cooking? Cooking! drove me absolutely insane. I liked the song at first, but then it got SOO irritating lol.
        KimBum…he was the cutie before and now he’s just REALLY hot…I didn’t know what to do with that, but I don’t mind it ^^

  3. black and white will always be classic. these pics just proved it (i think i need a bucket, too much drool!).

    On a side note, what is up with Lee Minho’s madhatter look? Maybe it’s a cultural or fashion thing ( <-which I really am impaired at), but the whole image looks off.
    1-the hat, but the guyliner makes it look hot
    2-a fatty cigar, ok i can buy that.
    But come on, he's wearing this at the beach? in a sporty casual look? hmmm. no, i don't think so. That just doesn't do it for me. Nevertheless, he's a bona fide HOTTIE. And because of that, I'll forgive this seemingly eccentric look.

    love your posts 😉

    • hahahaha i loled at your lee minho comment! you’re totally right i was like what the hell is up with that madhatter look? i couldn’t even make a full caption of it because i didn’t know what to say! i guess we can’t always understand fashion! the manliner makes up for it though lol. only a few men can work that without looking utterly ridiculous! glad you liked this post!<3

  4. oh my lord. daniel henney. my true kpop world love. i dunno why but i have that black & white photoshoot saved on my old hard drive 4 times. daniel does look good in black & white i swear. it matches his manly charisma. oh dear lord antique!! can a fangirl get enough omg. i absolutely love Choi Ji Ho as Nam Soo Yeong the servant man. he’s so cute in a manly dorky way. sigh. kang dong won!! pepper boy! i must go through my junk and look for his old movies. i think i lost the dvd’s and they’re not even mine gasp. kim bum… the only reason why my sister and i watch boys over flowers. lol. cute and hot and cute and hot and cute. he does look like kyuhyun there! oh my! won bin! my first kpop world experience was won bin. he initiated me into this fangirl world. words cannot express my feelings lol. so fine with them pouty lips! of course rain still has a hold on all fangirls’ hearts including mine. no one can quite do it like him. and him getting all buff for hollywood helps. DBSK is another given! damn yunho sigh. he recently inspired me to fix my teeth lol random! 2pm jjang~ gawd i am so happy they’re getting the attention they deserved way way long ago. taecyeon junho khun chansung jae ♥!! lol at the khun pic he trying to be serious just looks too cute for words. still can’t believe that there is a person like nickhun! he’s just so likeable! even my non-fangirl friends think so too. his appeal transcends borders lol. spazzing tsk tsk ok moving on!
    Damn, suju! i remember that day when my sister’s scream pierced through the house. i came running and she shrieked “Suju’s 3rd album preview pics!” i dragged my feet towards her since i had that same attitude as you. i thought “great what ghastly costume did father sm made them wear this time”. BUT OMG i truly spazzed and died when i saw them. they were rocking the london punk style and i loved loved loved it. then and there we pre-ordered our copies to both versions of their albums lol. gah si won! always the man. for me he was truly the one who matched this concept amazingly. manly clothes for the manly man of suju. kyuhyun really worked the laid-back-rocker-hung-over-from-a-party look. eunhyuk gosh he certainly got hotter with his hair and i’m happy he’s keeping it. eunhyuk is my sister’s all-time love by the way. i’m happy that he actually looks worth her adoration now lol. i swear she goes to fangirl heaven every time her “hyukkie” pops that chest lol. love it too though haha guilty! ryeowook is one of my least favorite members but i was surprised at how good he looked at the album pics. sungmin looks good as always. donghae looks deathly skinny there. glad he filled out as their promotions went on. god they’re too many to single out and spazz over lol. but yeah! hurrah kpop boys!! hot and cute rolled into one gosh. this post killed me girl. lol. i swear it was worth it to stay up and read and comment on this hotness of a post. ♥
    and hey i’m kinda surprised and happy that you have so much free time now compared to before. keep it up girl! and oh forgive my grammatical and spelling errors if you see any. i’m so sleepy tired from work and in 7 hours i got to get my ass to the gym and have a diva workout. lol goodnight i’m off to dreamland and float in my stars. gosh your new blog name is so dreamy. floatingstars…

    • i find it cute that you have a lil sis and friend to fangirl with. i have a lot of hmmm, virtual fangirl friends (okay that sounds creepy but hear me out)—mainly readers of my blog and writers of other entertainment blogs to fangirl with but my friends just don’t get me. they think i’m talking a foreign language when i randomly spazz about k/jpop. well, it IS foreign. but it’s fun to fangirl with people the same wavelength as you. it’s weird though, when people ask me what my job is i’m tempted to say “blogger”—just to spite them kekeke. i try to make as much time in floatingstars now (see my “dramatic” about page to know why i chose the name lol)….

      anyway i used to not really like suju! i just couldn’t wrap my head around 12 or 13? random guys bopping around you can’t tell one from another… but sorry sorry came and i was like 0___0 i made a review of their it’s only you mv a while back too can you imagine! and omg you pre-order their new stuff! i’m getting strapped for cash now damn you sm!!! well, and jyp too! currently obsessed with jae as if you can’t tell by now. for suju i’m more into donghae. oh and btw, your grammar is perfectly fine don’t worry about it (does the hyori okay! dance) thanks for the comments!

      • i know i’m really thankful that i can vent out fangirl spazzing through talking (or fangirl shouting)with my sister and best friend lol. typing is just too slow it can’t keep up lol!
        “i have a lot of hmmm, virtual fangirl friends (okay that sounds creepy but hear me out)” – LOL
        i know what you mean with the friends thinking you’re speaking a foreign language with fangirling lol. i tone down my fangirl spazz with non-fangirl friends. i know when to stop when i see them tuning out as their stare turns glassy. hahaha
        and yes! the kpop industry has got me burning a hole in my wallet too! i got the 2pm album too lol! khun, jae, and taecyeon love! haha. i know, i curse sm too huhu. suju, then shinee, and now snsd is releasing their album! money! oh well. lol at the hyori okay dance. i did the pose when i read it. damn i did it again!

  5. Oh gosh. Ok I’m breathing again. Good. Kim bum is breathtaking in those pics. In the left one he looks eerily like Bruce Lee. Haha. He’s got my vote for individuals. He’s just a classic looking guy.

    For boy band… hm… I’m a bit biased so DBSK. 2PM is a close second. I don’t think I’ll ever get into boybands where I need more than 2 hands to count all their members. Sorry suju and HSJ for the matter. >.<;

  6. Actually I’m a photographer. Same like your topic here, I’m into black and white photography right now for its bold feelings.
    And my vote goes toooooo… :drum roll:
    Category 1: WON BIN!!! (I guess even Won Bin wears plastic bag, he still look superb!!)
    Category 2: Super Junior!!! (Doesn’t mean I’m biased since I’m a Super Junior not-die-hard-but-totally-fans :p) I’m totally agree with you. At first, I thought “wow.. here another blah boyband, with bad hair style, bad wardrobe, and bad dancing. But then.. voila.. Sorry-sorry really hypnotized me, and even made me begin to like their previous ‘clowny’ style!

  7. my vote goes to won bin and super junior of course ( why choose one or a few when you can have more than a dozen ^^)

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