Triple Artist Date! Nichkhun, Jaebeom and Taecyeon of 2pm!

Okay enough Fangirl on Recess. I have been holding this in for a long time. I tried to resist it but I can’t. I have said before in one post that I’m not very fond of 2pm (except for a few members) because they’re JYP’s illegitimate children who dresses and sings pervy songs like he does. BUT THAT WAS BEFORE. I was wrong so please pull out your pitchforks and stab me for being such a fail then I can go to one corner and bang my head on the wall.

Triple treat, triple dates!

Ok Taecyeon, Nichkhun Horvejkul and Park Jaebeom

WARNING: From this point onwards I will be using fluent fangirl language — which may cause unintelligible ramblings and gibberish unknown to non-fangirls. Major spazz up ahead.

Yes, they are my latest KPOP obssession since DBSK and T.O.P. of Big Bang! I know I’m a bit late since everyone I know is crushing on these guys but oh wells, I was such an idiot for dissing them in the first place.

But hey, I said I really liked Nichkhun and thought that he’s really cute.  I mean, come on. Just look at the boy.  (in my K/Jpop girl-boy lookalikes post, see

These 3 cuties are the fluent English-speaking members of 2pm, because they’re either born or raised in the US. I have to say kudos to JYP for scouting these boys— I mean, what are the odds that you’d see these great finds in the 50-state land of the free? And because they can speak English and other languages (Thai and Chinese for Khun), that means wider reach of fans and more exposure potential in the international scene.  JYP, no matter how creepy or dirty-old-man you get, how I love thee.


These guys are 10 out of 10 yo! (Sorry I can’t help it)

THE REAL LOWDOWN: Okay, when they came out with their debut song “10 out of 10,” I couldn’t care less. There were hordes of manufactured boy band armies in the Kpop scene back then (even ’til now) and it was the time when power rookie SHINee came out just after DBSK’s massive comeback. So why should we pay attention to 7 guys who sing about a girl’s sexy lips and butt while doing acrobatics? With their over-the-top  costumes, weird hairstyles ranging from 2pm buzz cut, mushroom, mop and bowl cuts, plus constant bopping around, there was just too much happening all at the same time!

JYP even said so himself! The boys still lacked something. Stage presence and charisma, perhaps.  If you watch their old performances, you can detect a bit of awkwardness and deer-in-headlights moments. I don’t mean to compare, but unlike SHINee who did the best debut stage/song, even with less training years than their senior SM-ers— vocally and in dancing. But the the pure-and-oh-so-clean SHINee is just… boring. They’re cute and all, but in variety shows they’re too self-conscious and just… too nice.  2pm boys, on the other hand, are more free to be themselves which means— absolute CHAOS. There’s never a dull moment when they’re around [watch 2pm in Idol World and you’ll understand why]. They worked their bums off and came back strong and FIERCER than evarrr.

Their song ‘Again and Again’ is the bomb. At first listen it’s like, Eh. Pretty good. A bit like JYP’s song. But the more you listen to it, you get hooked real bad. Great, foot-tapping beat, easy-to-follow lyrics and hot choreography. Hot dayuuum.


2pm’s loveable puppy: Nichkhun!

God. How do I start describing Khun? I still can’t believe that he comes from this planet. WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!!

Khun is easily becoming 2pm’s mascot. He’s known as the face of the group. Looks wise, he’s kinda like DBSK’s Jaejoong. But with more facial expressions and less stiffness (I still ❤ you JJ!). He’s loved for his many appearances in variety shows, showing his natural goofy, witty self. Pretty darn good for someone who started out not knowing a word of Korean. He was discovered in California when he was watching a Korean showcase in school. In an interview he said he was surprised when the talent scout talked to him in Korean. He does look a bit Korean, especially in 10 out of 10 mv. 


He did an impromptu audition in a coffee shop, and from then on, as they say, is history. He’s now Korea’s AND Thailand’s national obssession. You can tell that this guy is really smart. I mean, learning to speak and write a different language, plus adapt to a whole new culture is not a walk in the park. Hard work man, hard work! I love how extremely talented he is. He was a badminton player for 11 years, knows how to play the piano,  can sing, dance and is a complete momma’s boy. WHUTTUP.

Khun with his mom and sisters


Why date him? He’s just perfect period. Everyone loves him, even the PDs. Why not? You can bet your life 990997326599712323 to the infinite fangirls will be running after you ready to burn you at the stakes.

LEADER Park Jaebeom!

The first thing I noticed about Jaebeom was that he kinda had this slight resemblance to Miyavi, especially with that hair and manliner. He’s a B-boy dancer from Seattle who tried out for JYP after his mom told  him about the auditions. He had no idea what he was in for, but because of his passion for music and dancing he went anyways. Even though he’s full-blooded Korean, he doesn’t speak a word of it. It’s understandable because even if his family speaks the language, when he goes to school and talks to his friends— it’s a whole different environment. He mentioned in an interview that when he first came to Korea, he felt like a complete foreigner, not understanding jokes and missing his family so much— that he cried for 2 weeks! Awww, real men cry after all!

But that was 4 years ago. Now he’s completely fine, and when I say fine, I mean damn fiooonnne. His B-boying and hardcore acrobatics did him pretty good! If Khun is the face of 2pm, this guy is the abs. ROFL sorry that was dumb.  I got blinded by his hotness I suddenly turned into a soju-slurring ditz. Anyways,  he’s also a rapper and even though Junsu is the lead vocals, Jae sounds great too! He can hit them notes better than his former company-mate Rain who just heaves heavily and calls it singing. Being the oldest (23) he’s the well-loved leader of the group, but with so much fail and adorkable personality sometimes I wonder “Why the hell is this guy the leader again??”

This guy is the leader of adorkableness. His mind is definitely from planet adfadfa. He comes from outer space but with gifts. Even when he came to Korea the same time as Khun, he still makes communication mistakes here and there, most of the time looking absolutely clueless at what’s going on. But he’s  always got a quick wit to throw in a funny retort so no one can throw him off guard.

Watch his sexy highness in action here:

Why date him? Why the hell not???


Lastly,  2pm’s European model: Taecyeon!

Okay, he’s not really European but he gets called that most of the time because of his tall stature, and come on,  classic goodlooks. God, what were they feeding him when he was a kid??? Taec was born in Korea but migrated to the US (if I’m not mistaken, Boston) at a very young age and grew up there. He auditioned in New York initially as a model. So that explains why! He can speak Korean fluently and was the resident English interpreter of Khun and Jae. He’s actually very funny. But what amazes me about this guy is how he’s come a long way—when you first look at him you won’t expect him to dance and rap that amazingly. I gotta admit, with more practice, he can rival other boy band’s rappers— I’m looking at YOU G-dragon (dude better get your game on! still ❤ GD!). Not  the best in the vocals department, but Taec makes up for it in other aspects.   By being a flailing goofball, that is.


Why date him? If you want an awkward, cheesy first meeting but end up having a very sweet encounter, Taec is your knight in bowtie. Plus who can resist those trademark mouse ears and adorable dimples? Why not? You have to fight the whole of 2pm for his affection. The group just clings to him like glue.

More 2pm goodness!

With other 2AM members. I love how naturally close they are. Now that is REAL member ai.


Sexy EXR photoshoot

I really wish that 2pm will make it even bigger. They’ve made it to the top but with much hard work and you can tell that they’re just enjoying themselves. I just hope that when they do, they’d still be reachable and won’t change their ways despite the exhaustion and pressure.  Oh, and JYP,  please let the boys rest once in a while. The world needs more people like them.

2pm doing the famous crab dance

WHEW. I finally got that out of my system. Sorry for the extensive fangirl talk. I can breathe normally now.

So! Poll Battle Rattle time!

Which one of these boys would you like to take home? Er… I mean if you had one chance to have a one time date with one of them, who would you choose?


As for me, hmmm, I’d like me some Jaebeom!

Jaebeom  phone home!

P.S. For a pimp post on the rest of 2pm members, go to, she did a great job compiling their fabulousness.




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  1. KYAAAA, you did a 2PM post! I remember I was slightly irritated with you when you bashed them in a previous post, and I called you out on it.
    Bah, I wish you had focused on the other members too though…because they are just as adorable…I mean, Junsu has an AMAZING voice.
    Khun…he’s just too nice…it irritates me…I mean, it seems pretty damn genuine, but still…I can’t handle it when guys are THAT nice.
    Jae is such a dork though…he entertains me. And his Korean STILL fails…honestly, Khun speaks better Korean than him…it amuses me LOL
    Who would I date though? Taecyeon! He is SUCH a gentleman and a sweetheart. And he is SO friendly. Plus, the cheesiness is just absolutely adorkable and I LOVE it! And he can be funny as hell…he is so entertaining!! He is my favorite (I’ve been swaying a lot between favorites, but every time, I come back to Taec ^^)

    • haha lol i remember that. now i’m eating my words!!! okay you can scold me now and tell me “i told you soooo!” anyways i would’ve made a full 2pm members post but they’re just so spazztastic it can’t fit in one page lol. i like junho the little rain child too! i do get what you say about khun, he’s just too nice and sweet. too much sugar can be bad for you lol. he seems genuine and natural though (unlike seungri who just comes off as a camwhore when he acts cute) i bet you khun has an inner playa bad boy to him given time rofl. and jay, oh jay. such fail is perfection if that makes sense. Taec just gets along with everyone! he’s like khun and jay put together!

  2. warning: the most horrible english you will ever read…

    First of all…LOL…we kinda have the same first impression of them…..I watched that idol show because of shinee….but after watching it I became a fan of 2pm especially of Jae and Taec…and Khun is just a jailbait..haha!!!…and I was shocked when I know Jae was the one who can’t speak much of korean…He doesn’t look like it isn’t haha…I watched their first video 10 out of 10!?!?..and I was like…ooh…what a funny vid…..another suju in the making?!?!.Don’t ask me about the suju thing…I still don’t know the reasons why it reminds me of suju…after it..I just ignored them and continue fangirling shinee….until I watched that idol show…and when again and again came out..I became a major fangirl of 2pm…..and Jae may not be that handsome..but he has the charisma and the body….and Taec…just like you…i love how awkward he is…and khun…who will not love this guy….they are my second fav. group next to suju of course…but though I’m not into shinee anymore…they will always have a space in my heart…haha….sorry for a novel comment…and i’m so happy that you can understand what I am saying…eventhough english is my second language…I’m not good at it…so it really makes me happy that you understand me haha…

  3. hey nice to hear from you again! i love love long comments so please keep them coming! it makes me feel like i’m not just muttering to myself lol. anyways, for a second language you’re pretty good at english so be confident about it!<3

    i watched that idol show with shinee!! i watched it for like idunno, a thousand times! jae was hilarious especially when he kept butting in his random jokes while boom tries to calm everyone down. i swear boom must get exhausted after every show. poor key got ignored by jay who only had eyes for jonghyun!! khun is not really jailbait (though he may look like it) because he's already 20— but he got jailbait when he flirted it up with minho *i died of laughter and happiness* and taec, what a gentleman!!

    i can relate about what you said about shinee. i was the biggest big bang fan before but now that they're out of sight and GD keeps getting weirder, i'm just not into them as much, but they will always have a space in my heart.<3 suju i love for their entertainment value. i'm a fan of donghae, but i'm a heechuler just because he's amazingly retarded lol.

    from where in the phils. are you from? i have one reader from manila<3

    • I am also from Manila….

      …I’m also a fan of Heechul…He can make the most boring show interesting haha!!!and LOL to your comment about g dragon…and about nichkhun… I don’t know…he have this childlike feel on him…even if he’s older than me I feel like I want to take care of him or something haha….and my OTP besides hanchul is nichkhun and minho pairing haha…i don’t know what’s the name of their pairing…

  4. HELLO :D!

    Haven’t been here in awhile (you’d think professors would recognise the need for fangirling time and cut back on the assignments :P) but EEEEEEEE, IT’S TOOOO PEEE EEEEMMMMMMM *BRIGHT SMILE*

    I’m like you; when I first heard “10 out of 10” I thought “meh….” but then I started watching some of their variety show appearances and I was hooked. 2PM, PLEASE HOST IDOL ARMY AGAIN, KTHNXBAI. Omg, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard watching a korean variety show (with the exception of some Suju ones). And woot, the American Trio! Lol, Bec and I have made claims on them (yea, we’re sad, sshhhhhh)I get Khun, she gets Taec, and we share Jay XD. We’re already plotting away on our evil abduction plans which will take place at the JYP dorms ;P

    Ha, I sound like a freak. I’m not, really ^____^

    Have you watched some Hot Blood episodes??? YOU TOTALLY SHOULD IF YOU HAVEN’T. Cos then you’ll fall in love with 2AM. JoKwon is my BFF, yo.

    And now I’m suddenly very conscious about how spastic-fangirly I sound. So I’ll stop. BACK I WILL BE BACK.

    • heyyyy count me in on your evil plot to invade 2pm dorms!!! i’ll live under khun or jae’s bed if i have to!!! i haven’t watched hot blood! where do you get the ones with the subs! i totally gulped all of their idol army episodes in one swig (okay not really) but their “she arrived” segments make me real happy like chansung getting a huge sack of popcorn and holding on to it for dear life!!

      idol army will never be the same again after 2pm left. suju’s one was fine, but the editing was superb with 2pm’s. even the PDs get in on the action! especially for some khun lovin’! it’s supposed to be annoying that the other pitiful members get treated like dirt while khun gets all the good stuff but meh, i’d do the same too if i were a self-interested, self-indulgent PD! the ft island idol was hmmm… a bit of a bore? i couldn’t get past two episodes, even though i like the ft boys. but they’re just not… rompy enough lol.

      “And now I’m suddenly very conscious about how spastic-fangirly I sound.”

      –girl, have you just read this post or what? i sound more like a rabid fangirl rofl

  5. I got so fangirly I forgot to answer your poll. Anyway, my choice would be Jay or Taec. While I love, love, LOVE Khun (who doesn’t?!) I don’t think it’d be too good for my ego if we’re ever seen together, LOL.

    Jay gives me the impression that he’ll be really shy on the first date but will be an absolute gentleman ❤ And Taec I want to date cos he looks like someone who'll talk and mile a minute when they're nervous, and that's always good, especially for a first date when everything's *awkward*

    P.S. I know you're a jpop fangirl too (none of my co-authors are, which is a pity 😦 ) and I was wondering if you've tried that new drama "Mr Brain"?

    • i’m a bit late on jdramas nowadays, ugh so frustrating work gets in the way of fangirling, you’d think that bosses should allow for a fangirl leave or something. it was easy for me a year ago before i finished school sometimes i wonder how i ever graduated with all the fangirling i did! anyways i’m rambling… haven’t watched Mr Brain is that the one with Kame and kimura takuya? i’m waiting for gokusen the movie that has star-studded cast— koike, kame, hayami (the hottie) and hiroki, though. why do you ask? you should try jpop too just to get a breather from all the kpop madness lol.

  6. Helloooooooo I’m back XDD

    To answer your question to PAS. We both watched Hotblood on Youtube, I think about 9 eps have been subbed altogether. Tell me if you can’t find the link 😀 But its a MUST WATCH FOR SURE!! <33 I loved them when I was watching Idol Show, but I RESPECT THE SHITS OUT OF THEM after watching Hot Blood. They worked their butts off, seriously. You then realise that they definitely need more recognition for their hard work, cuz they deserve every ounce of it.

    Oh and of course you can come join in our abduction plan. Less work for us woooot. Except um, we've already divided the boys up (I get Taec and Jay on Mon,Wed,Fri and Sun. She gets Khun and Jay all the other days) So who will you get?!?! XPP Lol I guess I can be nice and give you Jay for Friday XDDDD

    • yeah!! i saw some previews of the hot blood and man i was like, is jyp a tyrant master of some boot camp i don’t know about?? gosh and i thought sm trainees had it real bad! (well, based on rumors that some of them get beaten up)… anyway! awww only one day from jay! but it’s all good maybe i can snag me some junho or something. at first i didn’t really pay attention to him with rain’s shadow always looming behind and all but now i think it’s rain who actually looks like him, not the other way around lol. and i think junho is the one who was the most stable in vocals and dancing when they started out, it just looked like he’s been performing for years! i’m starting to crush on 2am’s leada! though i have yet to know all their names! (jo kwon is in a league of his own lol) come on! when are we gonna don some stockings on our faces and ambush the 2pm dorm?! we need a fool proof plan! maybe start out by luring chansung with food!

      • YEAA ITS SO CRAZY!! I felt soooo bad for them cuz they had to do like activities in water at like freezing temperatures. Then some of them were suppose to be eliminated and everyone was crying and what not :((

        After the english speaking Trio, I would go for Junho too. XD He’s such an adorable boy. And he can dance and sing and pft Rain can forever stay in America. Having Junho here is enough loool.

        JINWOON BB!!! After Jo Kwon, magnae is defs my favourite. He’s soooo adorable and cute and kajlfdjlajlsdajj YOUNGER THAN ME. It’s ok, only by a bit, so it doesn’t really matter yea yea?! .___.

        Oh oh one of us could wear stockings on our face and talk ghetto like Jay, and the boys will think the person is Jay and let us in into their dorm. Then at night, that person can open up the door for the other two and we’ll sneak in and kidnap them all away. Yes, change of plans, whilst we’re at it, may as well grab all 7 boys muahahah XDDD

      • lolol goodness it would be difficult to kidnap 2pm’s bear taec!! let’s make ala hansel and gretel and lure the boys with some of their fave treats! popcorn trail for chansung, porn dvds for jay, for khun?? hmmm… pad thai or the famous thai tamarind? lol idunno, wooyoung will be hypnotized by cheesy techno music he loves cheap dancing to, we’ll have to connive with evil hyung boom so the rest will have to follow. lol plotting and scheming i love it!!! are we crazy fangirls or whuut!

  7. LOL, I loved 2pm as soon as I saw their 10 out of 10 mv. It was just hilarious! Nickhun and Taecyeon are my favorite, especially together. They are so cute together… Not a huge fan of Jaebom, but I still like him (how could you not like any of them? They’re all awesome) Again and Again is probably my most played song.

    aw… I disagree with the statement that SHINee is boring. Onew is so adorkable. Key and Jonghyun are like on a constant sugar high. The only boring people are minho and Taemin. They just seem really nice.

    • yeah can never get tired of again and again! i’m a fan of shinee too, especially key who i think was a girl in his past life. i was really impressed with their debut performances, for rookies they exceeded everyone’s expectations. and they’re one of the groups that really deserve to be fangirled. unlike some other groups which i still don’t understand what the fuss is about. but i guess shinee is just too nice compared to the wildin’ out boys of 2pm who are made for variety tv…. lol but both groups have their own charm. love them!<3

      • lol, I think Key was a girl in his past life also.

        I guess its because they’re still young… Have you seen this 2pm show where SHINee came on and they paired off? OMG so funny! Nickhun and Jaebum were especially hilarious XDD Its definitely a must see.

      • can i just say i watched 2pm shinee episode a thousand times??? gah and i thought i couldn’t love nichkhun more! i was like, are they serious? because he and minho seemed like they were really into it! lol or was it just swimming in my fangirl mind? jae fangirling jonghyun like a little girl was beyond hilarious… key and his rejections lolol. love wooyoung he’s too hilarious! he’s becoming one of my faves. *excuse me i’m off to watch that ep again*


    Here are the first three episodes of Hot Blood:

    Other subbers subbed eps 4-9, and I think I have it somewhere in my favourites, so let me know if you need help finding them.

    Yea, Mr Brain is the drama with Kimura Takuya and Kame (well, he was there for one episode XD). If you liked Galileo you’ll like this drama 🙂

    I think Changsung guarding his huge bag of popcorn with his life is one of my favourite scenes from Idol Army. Oh, and the seen with him eating rice like ice-cream XD. Man, if we want to kidnap those boys we’ll have to make sure we’ve got enough food stored :S I hope they’ll do a 2PM Idol Army season 2, or something. Cos Kara’s Idol Army is boring T___T

    I don’t listen to much Jpop 😦 Any recommendations? I listen to Koda Kumi, Utada and KAT-TUN (I had a thing for Jin XD) I’m not a huge fan of *HAPPY* music (eg. Hey Say whatever) so my JE music choices are fairly limited, haha.

    • wow thanks for the link! no sleep for me now thanks to you! lol. everyone’s mentioning hot blood and i can’t wait to see it. i was about to ask if kara’s idol army is good, i’m not a fan of the girls but sometimes variety shows can surprise you. the suju one was pretty funny except that i can’t stand shindong, not because i hate him or anything, it’s just that he tries tooooo hard his jokes become too slapstick and annoying. eunhyuk is pretty natural though. the ft island boys were adorable but yea nothing beats our 2pm boys.

      as for jpop, je songs can get your mind numb lol. try listening to aya kamiki (she’s like the avril lavigne of japan, wayyyy pretty too just google her, and her song youthful diary), or everyone’s fave yui (she’s got this really sweet voice— must listen!! cherry, goodbye days, skyline, daydreamer, etc.) i got addicted to her at one point, lol. girl artists are wayyy different from kpop, a lot of variety and talent (let’s admit). if you like rnb, crystal kay is easy to listen to, ayaka for great power vocals (okaeri, mikazuki omg you have to listen to that it’s tearjerking) for guys i recommend ryohei yamamoto and m-flo (these guys are siiiiiiccck! if you like big bang sounds this is for you, even though they’re a duo). tell me what you think if you find time to listen to them!<3

  9. You are…SICK!!!!! Can’t believe that you are the same girl that went to my blog!!!!

    I swear to God that if I knew (at that time) that u are 2PM hater…probably I bashed you till u die haha!!

    But I’m glad that you are loving them now^^ Wat to go mate!

    • lololol i never hated them. i loved nichkhun and taec the first time i saw them. i just wasn’t into them as much when they first came out. but yeah love them now!<3

      • My top 3 members are Wooyoung, Junho & Taec. So I have no prob of u wanting Jaebum & Nichkhun..but Taec..we’ll have to share~~~~*random..keke*

      • lol everyone loves taec! junho too! he’s so funny in idol army! poor guy he’s always paired with another guy! keke

  10. you know i’d pick Jay. who wouldn’t pick jay?! It’s JAY!!

  11. “If Khun is the face of 2pm, this guy is the abs”

    -and i die laughing at that. to be honest, i found 2 pm cheap when they debuted.they were like the second A1 in terms of boyband face value and coolness before.haha. but now i can’t help gushing over how cool they are. they’re truly interesting to watch. and i so loooooooove my khunnie.

    • lol we have the same sentiment when they debuted! even back then i said in my boy bands post that my impression of them in 10 out of 10 was a bit meh… they were wearing jyp tacky clothes and doing crazy acrobatics it made me dizzy so i wasn’t too into them. except khun! he’s my first love in 2PM!

  12. you’re real funny! lol!
    and i love the way you describe each one of their personalities and outline their own specialties..^+^
    can’t be 2PM without anyone of them!

    i see you’re a fellow dbsk fan who became obsessed with 2pm too, like me! jaejoong is still my hubby of course, that never changed, but i’m loving the dorky and chaotic 2PM boys! fufu~

    simply can’t get enough of them..
    i’ll bring jaebeom home, but my hubby won’t like it, so just can’t.. too bad..keke~

    i like the leadja’s dorkiness a lot, he’s such a riot! i haven’t even started reading what you wrote about him, and i’ve already started laughing just watching his pic! he can be real clueless at times, and it’s just so adorkable!!! phew, i should stop now. =p

    • hello! nice of you to comment! yea i can’t get enough of the boys! Jay is my fave and i’ve written posts about him ALOT lol Jay bias forever! I love DBSK too, especially JJ and Micky! I see we have lots of things in common! Hope to hear more from you soon!

      • you don’t say!
        *sigh* i guess no one escapes jay then..keke~

        i knew the boys first from their mv again and again..i didn’t even know who the heck these people were, nor did i find any of them THAT attractive (imagine that! seriously don’t understand why. LOL!) but i’m just so attracted to the song i looked it up, listened to it again and again (hence the title i guess..! haha!) without knowing any of their names!

        actually, i didn’t look up on them after all after that, coz i’m all ’bout dbsk, see? i found every1 idol show on youtube by accident, watched it and found myself totally fallen head-over-heels over these boys (more so over the leadja! fufu~)..

        ok, ok, i know nobody asked, i just can’t help reminiscing the time i got hooked up on them! *look up the audience stand* *totally empty T_T*

        i like posting long comments, sorry, can’t help it! keke~

      • it’s okay dearie i love reading long comments! we’re kind of on the same page about 2pm, i only liked khun, because he stood out the first time they performed, but the rest i couldn’t care less lol i thought they were too many for me to remember all of them. But yeah again and again sparked the 2pm fever!but right before that i got hooked in idol army! you should read my first impressions about 2PM when i did a special post about boy bands omg *gets bricked* i wanted to smack myself LOL

      • read that special post!!! LOL!!!

        you know, i’ve always liked boybands, BSB, Westlife, N’sync, DBSK (hmm, DBSK doesn’t really fit the Chamber’s definition of a boy-and though.. teehee~), 2PM (not really into F4 or Fahrenheit though), but i can’t help but agree to every word you wrote about them! now that i think back on it, boybands always have such typical images, always the same characters, like they’re filming the same movie with different people.. fufu~

        BUT i can’t help but love them still.. *sheepish grin* i’m SUCH a fangirl..! *sigh* maybe i’m born to be one.. what a fate.. keke~

        anyways, had a real good laugh reading your special post, and yeah, i had the same 1st impression on nichkhun too, he seemed so delicate! that has changed though, when i watched all their shows and stuffs..

        on a different note, have you heard the news on jay? they’re putting up all these petitions and stuffs.. just curious~

  13. I love your fangirl rambling….its everything i’m thinking….i love it!! I would love to take home Nichkun. Man, I just love the guys look, his voice, his facial expressions, his everything. I’m inlove. ssshhh….don’t let my hubby know..haha

  14. yeah…i’m a big fan of nickhun,2pm,shinee,suju dbsk….there all are really2 awesome…kind of angel on music for me….they so lucky because many of fans love them…very entertain….love u guys….

  15. Taecyeon Oppa Your From Boston To I’m soooooooooo happy

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