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Goodbye, Betty Cooper, Hello Mrs. Veronica Andrews?


Like I always do in my previous site (check out The good, the bad and the weird in Japan post), I take a break from fangirling once in a while, to… well, keep sane and reduce the spazzfest. So! I decided to add another segment here called “FANGIRL ON RECESS” lol.  Like the Spice Girls say, “Too much of something, is bad enough.”

I discovered Archie Comics when I was in 5th grade (or earlier). I distinctly remember that fateful day when we had a school trip to some planetarium and zoo. As in all trips, we had a stopover in a souvenir shop to buy from the little allowance we had in our pockets. Then there it was, a Betty Cooper digest sitting on a magazine stand. I wanted to read something while on the long ride home, so I spent all my money to get it, while my friends bought twizzlers and jellybeans. Little did I know, that would be the start of an obssession that will last me until  high school. 

 The next thing I knew, my friends were also buying the Archie series. Not to brag or anything, but just like every other childish claims, I had the right to say, “I SAW IT FIRST!!” And being the little mean girls that they were, they borrowed some of my copies, even my fave ones, and never returned them.  They claimed that they were the ones who “popularized” Archie and never let me borrow their copies. Idunno where my so-called grade school friends are now, lol. But that’s another story for another day.


I hated Archie Andrews, his freckles (that look like bubbles on his face)  and his stupid orange hair. Carrot top, as he was called. He was always clumsy, mediocre and annoying as hell. I hated how he juggled Betty and Veronica—  most of the time ditching poor old, reliable, girl-next-door Betty to heed Queen B Veronica’s wishes. But the guy grew on me. Even with all his fail, in the end he always shows that he’s a good kid.





Veronica Lodge - Archie Comics




Veronica Lodge by lovelygirlaye.

 Veronica (Ronnie/Ron) Lodge is the Blair Waldorf of Riverdale. The manipulative, spoiled Queen B who gets everything she wants, whenever she wants. All because of her daddy-kins of course! She has Archie eating on the palm of her hands. Who can blame her? She’s got killer legs and a g lamorous wardrobe the size of Macy’s. Despite her diva attitude, she’s ready to help her friends using all her resources. She purposefully dates Reggie (Rich, obnoxius boy Reginald) to spite Archie. But I personally think they’d be better together— kind of like team Chuck and Blair.


Betty Cooper

Good ol’ Betty Cooper. She’s smart, talented, ambitious and helpful. But she’s downright dumb and pathetic when it comes to Archie. Seriously girl! You’re too good to be pining around that bloke. I think her stories are more interesting than Veronica’s (even though Ronnie’s can be real funny) because she gets into these thrilling adventures — in her quest to be a journalist. She makes up for what she lacks (especially bucks and luck) with that comforting feel of a girl-next-door you can always rely on.


So who will Archie Andrews choose?


 I heard that the end to the 65-year long love triangle is about to happen:

From Archie Comics Publications:

The past 15 years’ worth of love triangle status quo really could be facing extinction in a story that will rock the world of everyone in Riverdale and be sure to keep people talking for months on end! 

 In fact, we’ll even go so far as to call it the Archie Story of the Century.  With a title like   “Archie Marries Veronica Part 1: The Proposal,” how could we call it anything else?!

Could it be true?  Has Archie finally decided to take the plunge and propose to comics’ favorite rich girl?  It sure looks that way!  Earlier this year readers got a chance to relive “Freshman Year” with the famous teens of Riverdale High.  Now make way for this special story that takes a look at Archie and his friends after they graduate college!  What careers will they seek?  Will the friends stay in Riverdale or disperse?  What would lead Archie to have marriage on his mind?  And why would he choose Veronica over Betty?  How will Betty react?  Can Archie shake off his klutzy past and hold down a steady job… for more than a month?  Two things are certain: with the Lodges as hosts, this will be the biggest wedding Riverdale has ever seen… and the biggest Archie Comics story since the famous “Love Showdown!” 

 Now that I think about it, Archie series can be so sexist. Why is it okay for one guy to date both girls at the same time? Then again, that’s another story.

 Sigh. It was inevitable. What does this say about the Betty Coopers of the world??? That boys still, and always will choose the sultry, sexy bad girl in the end?


Poll Rattle Battle!

Who were you rooting for? Betty or Veronica? Why?


The Spice Girls also said, “Too much of nothing, is just as tough.” So time’s up for Fangirl Recess! For now, that is. More fangirl spazzing next post!!!


15 Responses

  1. I’m routing for Betty all the way! I’m hoping that he’ll start off with Veronica or something and realize how stupid he’s actually being and return to the hands of Betty. Where she will rule him for the rest of his life for treating her the way he has. I would actually be more than happy if both the girls stuck it out with some one else and Archie would be all alone. Stupid bum.

    p.s I love that you compared Veronica to Blair. haha I love Blair but I always had a bitter taste in my mouth when reading about Veronica.

    • i was thinking the same thing about archie being left all alone in the end. lol at stupid bum. he don’t deserve those girls! i would be happy if jughead ended up with one of them kekeke. anyways, i’m a huge blair fangirl. you can view my previous gossip girl posts or click on the gossip girl tags.

  2. Veronica….?!?!….cause you know…I have this thing for bad girls….just like how I love Blair over Serena…!!!!

    • LOL i love blair too! she’s so fierce! yeah i get why a lot of people like veronica too, because she’s unpredictable, and you’ll never know what she’s up to which is exciting! anyways, thanks for commenting on my site! for your second language your english is very good! come on now why do you say it’s horrible! anyways, what’s your nationality if you don’t mind?<3

      • I’m Filipino!!!

      • cool cool!<3 i've had lots of readers who are filipino too and they're really nice and smart! and judging by your username you're a kyuhyun fan? lol love him to bits! cute magnae!

      • yeah…I’m a kyuhyun fan….well consider me now as one of your avid filipino reader….though I’m not smart like them haha….but I’m nice…I think haha!!!!!

  3. anyway….this is my first time commenting on your site….I’m very entertained with your posts…!!!!..keep up the good work…

    …and sorry for my horrible english…’s my 2nd language….

  4. My reaction was literally a jaw dropping WHAT?! I always loved Betty so much more than Veronica…she was such a sweetheart! Oh no…I can’t believe it…I really want Archie to end up with Betty T-T
    But I have loved this since I was also in like, 4th grade…granted, I havent actually seen the comics for years now (honestly…where do you get them from? -_-;; ) but still!
    Actually…I always liked Jughead…he was a hilarious character…Archie was just a bunch of fail rolled up into one person…but he was entertaining all the same! ….though…I can’t see him doing well lol…I mean, he never did well in school, and he doesn’t seem reliable…maybe Betty is better off? LOL

    • yeah betty is is definitely better off. archie is such a loser lol i don’t get why they fight over him! there’s this one episode (if you can call it that) where betty finally got a handsome boyfriend she was so happy but in the end she broke up with him because she can’t forget about archie. geezzzz. lol yeah jughead rocks. he’s like the ultimate idol bum. you can still find digest copies in bookstores! magazine shops don’t have them as much though.

  5. i love archie comics. still read now once in a while. i never really liked betty or veronica to be honest. but if i had to choose one, i prefer veronica. betty is too good to be true and it might be the little sadist in me but i tend to like the bad girl more. but still archie and veronoica getting married? nooooooo. i honestly liked how archie and the gang never grew up and were always highschoolers.

  6. Haha you covered Archie!! Ahh…the memories. In 7th grade, I had a crush on a redheaded boy (not b/c i knew him or anything, but b/c he reminded me of archie. really. i even called him “archie” in my head even though his name was “freddie” or something). I was such a child. And yet now, years later, I look at people and think, “Hey! He looks like ryo” and then call him “ryo” in my head indefinitely. O.o Eh, that’s life.
    Oh & I’m voting Betty! Such a sweetheart does not deserve a man who needs to grow a pair and choose b/w two women. But then again, i love them all.

  7. Oh my gosh I remember collecting archie comic books for forever. I think I stopped buying them ’cause they’re mad expensive now. C’mon 4 bucks for something I could read in half an hour? I’d rather get a hold on them tabloids! I always felt bad about Betty so I’m rooting for her. Besides, she’s like the first blond to pull off being smart. No one has been more successful since.

    Here’s an awesome ending: Archie marries Veronica but will forever feel like he’s not good enough by her and her father and she would end up cheating on him with Reggie anyway. Jughead gets cured of his phobia of women, dumps Ethel and woos Betty off her feet. Perfect. (wow… i’m not an archie nerd! lol)

  8. dont you think betty vs veronica kinda give the same vibe with j.aniston vs angelina jolie thingy? LOL

  9. I love Betty Coopers attractor, i don’t know why but i love to read about her the most in the comics. i just lover Betty cooper.

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