Two Ryos in one drama?


Nishikido RYO and Yamada RYOsuke, that is.

Okay. So it’s probably not that good of an idea to put one really sizzling hot photo of Ryo together with an innocent, cute photo with Yamada, but oh wells.


Good news to all Ryo/Yamada fans!

From Tokyograph:

With boy band NEWS hosting this year’s annual “24 Hour Television” program on NTV, member Ryo Nishikido (24) has been chosen to star in the telethon’s customary drama special. Ryosuke Yamada (16) of Hey! Say! JUMP has also been cast in the show.

The drama is titled “Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide” and is based on a book by writer Masumi Kawakami. Nishikido plays a young man named Keisuke Kawai, who aspired to become a physicist since he was young. His hopeful parents send him to an expensive college prep school, but at the age of 15, during his third year of junior high, he is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Told that he only has one year to live, he falls into despair, giving up on treatment and even lashing out against his own mother. Ultimately, with the support of his family, he struggles with the tumor for eight years before dying at the age of 23.

Keisuke’s younger brother will be played by Yamada, while his parents are played by Hitomi Kuroki (48) and Takanori Jinnai (50). Yumi Shirakawa (72) plays the grandmother.

“24 Hour Television” is going on the air on August 29-30. “Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide” will be broadcast on the night of August 29.


Sounds like Erika Sawajiri’s role in One Litre of Tears, right? It’s pretty cool too that he gets reunited with Takanori Jinnai, who played Erika’s hilarious  father in 1 Litre.

With Ryo’s stellar acting plus that classic (though oftentimes stereotypical storyline) I bet we’re gonna be crying more than 1 liter of tears! About Ryo’s acting, i think he’s one of the JE idols who can really act, but because of his quiet and mysterious aura it’s easy for him to get typecasted into such roles. I mean, it would be fun to see him play a goofy, silly yet emotional character (like Matsujun in HYD, who I think can play a multitude of roles) . When he played a DV guy in Last Friends, I thought that was a huge step for him as an actor, but it turned out to be a huge letdown.  

But he was not to blame entirely, the script was  terrible to begin with. His scenes, extremely limited as they were, were repetitive and made like a cardboard character. Add that to queen of annoyingness Masami Nagasawa, the drama will blow up on your face. However, you can tell that he was pretty effective in his creepy role because you’ll instantly get goosebumps when you hear Sousuke’s theme playing in the background, an ominous sign that the wifebeater/stalker is lurking around ready to attack.  For me personally, even with or without bias, it’s safe to say that Ryo acts better than KAME (*runs into a corner to dodge pitchforks of Kame fans*)

Yamada Ryosuke. Used to not give a damn about the kid. Well, all of Hey! Say! Jump! or whatever they’re called these days. Used to  think they were too…  idunno jailbait for pedo fangirls out there, lol.  And their songs were too… idunno Barney-Teletubby kiddy for me to take seriously. And the twirling! MY GOODNESS, THE TWIRLING!!! But he’s growing up to be a fine young lad. Can’t  believe he’s 16 now. Definitely has potential. I think he and Nakajima Yuuto will be the next flagbearers of JE in terms of acting— it’s too early to say, but if given the right roles and enough training, they could be the next Pi (in terms of getting several drama projects, and with better facial expressions) and Nino.

More RYOs goodness:

They could actually pull off being brothers! Unlike that mini-drama where Uchi and Ryo became bros, I mean come on. It’s more like bro-mance if you ask me.

And since we’re always seeing a gloomy, emo Nishikido, let’s seal things off with a silly Ryo image, one that’s been with Eito for far too long:



14 Responses

  1. I wonder why I tend to forget commenting..

    Anyhow, whoa, double Ryo? That’s super! Lol.
    And for ryo and kame, I couldn’t agree less. I mean, Ryo’s acts are great. Kame’s are…well, good, but Ryo is still better. No offense (and yet I’m kame’s fan…)

    • there you are! thanks for commenting! anyway, kame’s latest drama didn’t fare too well. ratings kinda bombed. dunno why haven’t seen it though.

      • I had watched it, and I’m not sure myself. I mean, Kame’s acting is not really that bad. Well, just like his usual, although his old dramas looked more promising. But still, it didn’t impress me that much. Though, I managed to watch it until the end.

        Well, I hope that he won’t lose his spot even more at Mr. Brain. I mean, there’s Kimura Takuya who obviously takes the spotlight, while Mizushima Hiro is a current rising actor as well. Oh well… :p~

  2. I mean, it would be fun to see him play a goofy, silly yet emotional character (like Matsujun in HYD, who I think can play a multitude of roles)

    I think Ryo’s character in Ryusei no kizuna is a bit like that. Nino & Toda are also amazing there. Just watch it! ^_^

    • wow cool! haven’t gotten the time to watch ryusei, i get a little bit disappointed with ryo’s characters after 1 litre, he’s always the supporting role like in attention please. does it have subs already? im gonna watch it for nino!<3

  3. Ah…I can’t resist commenting this time.
    I just can’t seems to hate Ryo.Nishikido I mean…*coughs*
    Oh yeah…I totally agree.Last Friends do not do him justice at all.
    I even regret spending my money on the DVD.
    ah~Such a waste…But Ryo is a great actor in the making…or probably already is..ahaha- I’m not sure….
    First he was so damn amazing in 1 Litre of Tears then, it kinda when downhill with Attention Please where he was just the supporting role.Same thing in Ryusei no Kizuna and Last Friends.
    But I sure do enjoy Ryusei no Kizuna than LF by million miles.
    I’m just glad that he is on the spotlight now.
    The time has come for him to be the lead actor.
    Yay!Good luck to him anyway….I can’t wait to see it when it comes.
    I will prepare a dozens of Kleenex though~

  4. I actually really wish Ryo would play a crazier, funnier character, but I mean, I guess this is fine. It sure is funny how it seems like a male version of 1 litre of tears… I’m not a huge fan of Ryo, but he amuses me to no end and he’s pretty talented. I’ll be looking out for this drama.

    Yamada is… growing on me. I did not really care for him in Tantei Gakuen Q where he played the silent, smart, solemn type that almost all the JE boys play, but then Scrap Teacher came along… and he was ridiculously funny. (of course there was the typical “cool” moments) I never got why fangirls were crazy over him, but he’s pretty good with the acting. He’s 16? No way…

  5. Ryo actually is a good actor…LOVED him in 1 Litre of Tears…you can never see it though since he plays the same character over and over again…it would be just plain adorable to see him in a goofy role ^^
    I used to LOVE Kame as an actor…but this was back when I first saw Nobuta wo Produce…I haven’t really liked him in anything since then D:
    Not a big Hey!Say!Jump fan myself…I feel weird watching them…I think only two are my age, the rest are younger than me…it creeps me out -_-;;

    • LOL yeah so funny to go gaga over the other boys who are younger like a real fangirl. it would be cute though if older girls cheer for them like an older sister rooting for her lil bro at a soccer game, but when you’re about 25 or someting and go like, “kyaaaahhh chinen marry me” or something — *chills*

  6. okay…let me get an oxygen tank and slam it on my mouth…
    Ryo and Yamada…
    They were doing a lot of comparison lately between NEWS’ Yamashita Tomohisa x Nishikido Ryo…Hey!say!Jump’s Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke.
    Yamapi and Yu-chan seemed to have a gentle features and unites everyone member with their leader spirit.(though sometimes,i just had this “seasonal” feeling that Yamada leads the group.most of the time.every other day.every week.every hour…)(*sorry,just had a overtime at work…)
    meanwhile Ryo-chan and Yamada has somewhat like “arresting” and “rough” features(sorry can’t put it in words…But I’m trying to be positive here since I’m inlove with Ryo since 2007….)
    I think it will be great to pair up Yamapi and Yu-chan as well in a drama.But as for the moment,I still have to wait and see what Ryo-chan and Yamada has to offer.
    But they’re both a good actor.In my opinion.

    • they did put yuuto and yamapi in a drama before! in nobuta wo produce yuuta was kame’s lil bro! so cute! but he and pi didn’t have a scene together. anyways when i first saw yuuta i was like, this kid is gonna grow up into japan’s national idol someday like pi. the next thing i knew he was debuted in hey say!! yeah you’re spot on about the comparisons. yamada and ryo may look meek and like they wouldn’t hurt a fly, but they’ve got that mysterious i-can-be-a-bad-boy vibe to them… *borrows your oxygen tank**

  7. “Unlike that mini-drama where Uchi and Ryo became bros, I mean come on. It’s more like bro-mance if you ask me.”

    That is precisely the reason for why I did not watch it. That and the photoshoot with the relay race batons (hmm…oh really? phallic symbolism?? hmm? hmm?)

    OR MAYBE they’re just good friends right? It’s not like I know them enough to say…though I do have my theories ( >.< )

    • lolol you won’t believe i actually watched it til the end, hoping to see more of ryo. all i got was enduring uchi’s bad, bad acting and ryo popping in every now and then for a few seconds. plus it’s the typical as i termed it, gambatte-you-can-do-it! story. in the press conference the media asked them to put their arms around each other rofl ryouchi OTP, pfffft.

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