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Crossover Faceoff: Wang Lee Hom vs Khalil Fong


Move over G-Dragon. The REAL musical geniuses are here.



I first got to know Wang Lee Hom when I was watching CNN a few years back. They have this segment that features Asian artists, films, etc. He did the interview in English and as I was listening to him go on about music, I was like “HOT DAYUMM. This boy sure knows what he’s talking about!”


Just a few tidbits about him: Alexander Wang Lee Hom

– He’s achieved immense success all over Asia, as a singer-songwriter, producer and actor. He has composed and produced tracks for many famous Asian artists.

– He was born and raised in New York.

– He was classically trained in music and attended prestigious schools where he graduated with honors: Williams College and Berkeley College of Music.  He  plays over 10 musical instruments.  He was the first Asian pop musician ever to conduct the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

– He was rumored to have dated Shu Qi who was featured in his mv, but I didn’t follow up whether they admitted it or not.

As if he’s not perfect enough, he starred in the critically acclaimed film “Lust, Caution” by Ang Lee.

Getting hot with Tang Wei in Lust, Caution

Recently, a lot of celebs gave their first impressions, descriptions about Lee Hom, proving that he’s not just another pretty boy, but a rather down-to-earth, likeable guy. I only chose a few interesting ones. Boy knows a lot of celebs!



I first met Leehom in 2002 while filming Moonchild. We had a language barrier but we got to know each other really well, and he’s an awesome person. He’s an awesome singer, and extremely nice, I remember inviting him to by my guest in my concert and he agreed. He’s not afraid to try new things, even if he makes mistakes.

I really admire Leehom’s talents. He’s talented but not conceited; every time I praise him he blushes. He’s a funny guy, though not all his jokes are funny, haha. I remember we went to dinner with Vivian, Ken Chu, and some other friends and Leehom tried to crack some joke in Japanese. It was hilarious, only because it was stupid. Haha. (Off topic: Does anyone else remember the rumors about Vaness Wu and Vivian dating?)



Leehom is a sweetheart. Every time he comes to Japan I’m always there to help him, I remember I introduced him to a hair stylist that cut his hair really bad, but he didn’t get mad at me. haha. I wonder why there hasn’t been a rumor between the two of us? Anyway he’s an awesome person, and I wouldn’t change anything about him.

Me: LOL I would get mad at the hair stylist instead! It’s hair we’re talking about!

XIAO S (Popular TV host/sister of Barbie Xiu) said pretty interesting and funny things about Lee Hom:

Leehom is not only wonderfully awesome too look at, he is so talented. Little secret he gets drunk easily. Once we were at Hotpot and Leehom took not even two sips and he was drunk. It’s so easy to take “advantage” of him when he’s drunk because he is so clueless. But that time he got drunk we were like, “what after 2 drinks?” lol he usually gets a bit shy when a girl gets next to him but I sat next to him and I told him I was his finanacial advisor and he believed me. So girls if you want to “chase” Leehom get him drunk first. Just Kidding. It’s hard to imagine since he’s always so clean and prepared in public.

I’m a very straightfoward person and it’s so cute when LEehom gets embarrassed. One time in front of all our friends I was like, ” Leehom I had a “dream” about you last night and we were kissing…and such.” He got really shy, looked away, and said “thank you.” It’s so funny. He’s proper even when he’s embarassed.

He impresses me every time he performs; I remember the first time I heard him play the piano I almost fainted. He has such long pretty fingers. (She sounds kinda pervy, lol. Get him drunk, check! I’ll keep that in mind!)

Sexy thai singer TATA YOUNG worked with Lee Hom in cfs:

Ah Leehom, my dear Leehom. That boy is adorable. Haha, he’s such a quirk and so bubbly to be around. It’s funny though because he has this deep voice when he speaks in English to me and I hear his songs and he sings higher than me. He’s a very talented person and he always surprises me with his talents. This guy is just endless and I get surprised everytime I find out more about him. Everytime I see him, I’m suprised by a new talent..

Popstar JOLIN TSAI’s song was produced and written by our guy.

He didn’t sleep for 2 days while he produced my latest album. Haha, he didn’t even lose his patience when he was teaching me the piano, even though I was doing everything wrong. It touches me how he is willing to travel and ride the plane for like 20 hours just for me.

For more, go to, credit goes to their hardworking translators. Lee Hom’s chummies with a lot of celebs, it’s good to hear a lot of incriminating stuff about him rofl.


Up next is an adorkable guy who holds a very special place in my heart. If you’ve been a follower of my icecapades blog I once spazzed about him and his music—KHALIL FONG.

Khalil was born in Hawaii, he is a Hong Kong based singer-songwriter who’s also famous in Taiwan, Singapore and has quite a following in Korea (he was awarded last MKMF), and like Lee Hom, his first language is English, he’s produced a lot of songs for other artists and he’s also an environmentalist. Gah these boys are so perfect.

Okay, I know I can sometimes be such a creep. When I get bored I lurk around Khalil’s English blog. He’s a very funny guy. He seems approachable and reallllly smart. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased lol.

Here are some photos from his travels and random ramblings.

Khalil’s written caption: LIGHTHOUSE/LIGHTHEAD

Khalil’s written caption: “I look really hot in this photo.”

ROFLMAO. Why because your face is blurred? Dorkface.

Now he REALLY looks hot in this photo!

Khalil writes intelligent music reviews in his blog too:

Lovely Alicia returns with a very classy album with a more mature sound and I think this is my favorite of hers so far. The album is not as immediately catchy, hooky or stylish like her previous stuff but it feels more emotional and honest. Probably because Kanye West didn’t work on this one. It has a more 70’s soulful tone to it. She lets her vocals tell more of the story this time around…and there’s a song co-written with John Mayer featuring him on guitar and chorus!! My favorites are “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”, “Lesson Learned”, “Wreckless Love” and “Superwoman”.

I have Khalil’s Wonderland and Soulboy albums. His style is very distinct.  Even though he’s into RnB/ Hip-Hop sounds, he derives much from old school kind of music.

I love his song Gou bu gou which has a lot of English verses, very touching: “Do you know how it feels every time that you say goodbye? Do you know how it feels every time that you make me cry? Don’t break my heart.”

Another fave of mine is “Sorry” that starts pretty soft, then ascends to full bass, brass sounds.  Soulboy is pretty easy to listen to, very breezy. Khalil’s voice is very comforting and his lyrics are meaningful. But my ULTIMATE KHALIL SONG would have to be SINGALONGSONG English ver.  (see:

It’s a very straightforward, cool and pure song. “It’s a singalong song that’s not too long, coz when I think about you that I hear songs… I wrote this song, this can’t be wrong, I don’t want to smile without you.”

Sorry for this long long post. The reason why I decided to add Crossing over segment in my blog is because I want to express that there are far more talented and better artists in Asia, and not just in Korea and Japan. I mean, in Korea where G-Dragon is considered as a “genius” already has got nothing on these guys. Don’t get me wrong, GD is good but seriously. These guys will eat him alive.

SO! Which one do you like best? Gorgeous musician-all-around guy Lee Hom or adorkable, sweet-and-funny Khalil?

8 Responses

  1. I actually don’t follow Khalil…but I LOVE Lee Hom…I definitely had a little bit of a crush on him when I first found out about him. And I didn’t know all that…he really DOES know a lot of people, and he sounds like a sweetheart!

  2. aww both of them seem like sweetheart!!
    they sound so wonderful and caring!!
    woof!!i could just eat them both up!!

  3. My vote goes to the gorgeous musician all-around guy Wang Lee Hom.
    He’s just too good to be true,eh?
    I love his trademark guitar though…When he play it-
    Ah~ Awesome!
    But,I like Khalil’s singalongsong too!
    At first I thought, “What is it…sing a long song or sing along song?”.That got me curious…And I’ve been following his music since then…He has a knack for this sort of thing.
    Such flair of creativity!
    I guess Japan’s scene didn’t have these sort of guys huh?
    They are so obssessed with the idol thing I think…

    • “I guess Japan’s scene didn’t have these sort of guys huh?
      They are so obssessed with the idol thing I think…”

      good point! come to think of it, i can’t name a really popular “khalil/Lee Hom” version in Japan. they have, but idols are most THE popular. even in korea, like really really talented artists get recognized but are underrated and don’t get much exposure. sad, really. but where else can you find someone like wang lee hom who looks like an idol but is waaayyyy talented even more so than older, more experienced celebs!

  4. Hands down to Leehom. Of course that statement comes with ALOT of biasedness XD I’m actually not too familiar with Khalil but Leehom is definitely my favourite solo artist ever. He’s pretty much the definition of “perfect” in my dictionary lol. Seriously, Leehom can do no wrong in my books. He’s got the looks, he’s got the brains, he’s got the voice and he definitely has a heart of gold. ❤ Long rant ftw XP

    • yeah how can lee hom be so perfect dammmnit. sometimes i wonder if there’s some kind of genetic mutation that went along with his creation lol. just like khun. are they for reals? (sorry i just had to insert that kekeke) well, i guess it also takes a lot of hard work too, lee hom was first approached by a music agency when he was still in college but he decided to finish school then went on to grad studies. then lived and breathed old china to study traditional chinese instruments/sounds to find his roots. and from what other celebs say it seems like he’s willing to go an extra mile for people just to help them. so jealous of jolin lol!<3

  5. deffinately lee hom 🙂 he’s perfect with a capital p.

  6. Khalil Fong haha. I like his style better than Lee Hom 🙂 and I find the glasses really cute and charming. ❤
    He seems like more of an introvert, yet he also has a very unique sense of humour, and looks like he's easy to approach. And when he starts singing and playing he just transforms and melds with the music. Like in Ai Ai Ai he's got that slick old school charm. He's got so much soul! And another thing is his pure outlook on love that really touches me.

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