The return of the WTF post

I know I promised to reveal my newest Kgroup obssession but I’m still nursing the blues and looking for some well needed crack. Remember back in icecapades@LJ when I had a wtf segment where I post the most random and stupidest (if that’s even a word) things?

It’s back for the kill. Literally.

Looks like somebody’s a big fan of DBSK. WTF, man, WTF?!!! 

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Who do you think it is?

A) one really deranged fangirl serial killer who’s ready to strike anyone dead if they go near her precious Jaejoong (which isn’t farfetched, duuude some real life cassie creeps out there)

B) one really embarrassed fanboy who wants to keep discreet about loving DBSK while shouting OPPA!!~~~

C) one jobless, has-been Scream who retired from his killing spree job, because his last movie bombed at the box office

D) that’s just Yunho, cheering for his main man Jae during his solo

Wonder how Jaejoongie will react once he turns around? ~singing~ I got chuuuuu under my skin AHHHHHHH!??^(%**^^$(!!!!


WTF!! Fans these days. *rolls on the ground dying of laughter*


credits to kpophumor@LJcommunity


4 Responses

  1. O_O What on EARTH?! *laughs* Oh wow….that is insane…I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was a fanboy who was just too embarassed to admit it ^^ The fangirls are out and proud about being obsessed lol

  2. it’s a memner of KISS floatingstars.I bet it’s Gene Simmons though~

    • LOL actually that person was me trying to scare Jae out of his jizz and annoy his annoying fangirls lol. seriously. the other time i saw a fan wearing this hideous horse head while watching their concert. can i say whuuut.

  3. OMG this is too hilarious! I go with option D) !

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