La Leah and her baby Mila

Okay I know I have to stop updating about Leah Dizon news, because frankly not many people really care anymore (I think I’m the only entertainment site that even  writes posts semi-regularly about her, sad, sad her glory days now seem so distant) but recently she revealed stories about her baby and even posted a picture in her blog. Looks like she’s having fun being a mom now.  Good for her!


Leah reveals Mila’s baby diary.



La Leah: I received these burp cloths from my mom that say things like, “MY DADDY’S HOT” and “MY MOM IS COOL”…haha


She’s starting to coo and grunt a lot recently. We’ve been talking.



“I never knew watching someone sleep could be so entertaining. I could watch her for hours.
When she laughs in her sleep, I wanna cry. Adorable.”



Leah lounging around her home with Mila


Me: LOL is that a Harry Potter book I see? Anyways it’s pretty surprising that she’s writing in English a lot lately… Hmmm, wonder why that is. And even if we can’t see Mila entirely, she looks adorable. She’s gonna be one fashionista baby lol.


P.S. So Sorry the photos I put up before weren’t working. Hope it’s working now!:)


3 Responses

  1. haha that’s cute. she seems to have her mouth too from what i see.

  2. aaaww!! good for Leah! i wish shes taking good care of the baby! and i hope her career will boom again! 🙂

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