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Revisiting fangirl loves past: Special Arashi post

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

It’s just one of those days.  I’ve been feeling the blues lately and listening to sad, sappy songs just makes things even worse. So to keep myself distracted I decided to clean my CD stacks and computer music files. Then I found happiness.


With Arashi, that is.


I have always been a fan of Arashi, but busy schedules, work-drabs and my recent obssession with a particular Kpop group (which I will reveal in the next post), my love for these guys seemed to gather dust, in the same way as new CDs pile on top of theirs.

Sad, but true. Until I heard their song Happiness, which really brought my mood up. I don’t know what it is about their songs, they’re not exactly stand-offish or mindblowing, but the thing with Arashi is that they’re kind of comforting and they make you feel like everything’s gonna be okay as long as they’re around. Call me crazy or trivial, but for me, hearing Arashi is like eating a plate full of pancakes with strawberries and cream on top.


Anyhoodles. Enough about my cheesy life woes. Here’s the lowdown on their new song:


From Arashi’s newest single, “Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon,” easily topped the charts this past week, selling more than 502,000 copies. This marks their 15th consecutive number-one single and 22nd overall. It is also their second single in a row to sell over 500,000 in the first week, a feat that has not been achieved since Keisuke Kuwata in 2001.

Arashi is definitely a JE power group and for a reason not just for their looks or gimmicks. They’re the most consistent performers out there, and they make the trademark cheesy JE dance steps look real damn good because they’re very precise and their bromance seems natural (unlike *cough* NEWS), minus the twirling and hip/pelvic thrusts (unlike *cough* KAT-TUN). Plus they’re looking really good lately with their street/semi-casual look. The less gimmicky stunts the better. The song Crazy Moon is not easily likeable at first listen, but once you get into it, it gets a bit addicting. It’s still the same pop goodness from the group — but a bit more mature. Like I said, Arashi is a pretty well-balanced group, not too cutesy, not too serious-emo, not too sexy — they are JUST RIGHT.

Now let’s talk about their songs! The ultimate moodlifter aside from Happiness would have to be Wish.

Not only because of HYD, but because it has this Christmasy feel to it. The MV concept was cute and it instantly makes you remember the fun days of Domyouji-Makino tandem!


Step and Go

Before SNSD and SHINee did the whole colored-tight pants thing (see my first Fashion Confessions post) Arashi so did it a long time ago. Nobody can beat Nino’s Yellow poncho-bib-blanket combo and Matsujun’s trademark tight skinnies which make you wonder how the hell did he get into them in the first place. 

We can make it!

I swear, whenever I hear this song I almost feel like I can do anything.  If played on repeat I think I can run 3 full hours on the threadmill, save a baby from a burning building or even dodge my mom’s bullet-speed flying slipper when she’s angry. ANYTHING! It’s the ultimage Gambatte! Fighting! anthem! The song kinda makes you happy-teary doesn’t it?

Love so sweet!

Okay, pretty much what I said  about Wish, but their mv for this one is really cool. Especially the mannequin/shop window part.

Now I’m sure I’m leaving out a lot  of realllly good Arashi songs but I’m glad that even if they’ve been in the industry for quite a while now, they’ve more than proved to everyone that they’re not just your typical, mediocre-talented idols.


More Arashi goodness:

The big brothers of JE all kouhais/trainees should emulate.

What I really like about these guys is that they’re not afraid of growing up. Matsujun has tried on very challenging, mature (Tokyo Tower) and controversial roles (the ever-incestual movie “I loved my sister”), Nino with his international feat in Clint Eastwood’s “Letters from Iwojima,”  Sho’s modeling, Aiba’s hosting, leader Ohno showing his serious side in the drama remake of the Korean series “Mawang/ Devil.”

Yet they are still able to retain their trademark youthfulness and appeal.

They’re not perfect. Even if I’m a fan I can say that sometimes some of their ballads come off as boring. Johnny’s cheap ass production for some of their vids are of no help, either. Their vocal skills are not stellar. They may not be as sexy (?) or flashy as KAT-TUN, cute and cuddly as NEWS and other JE kiddie groups or as rockstar like as TOKIO— but being the  performers that they are, you can see that they work real hard to entertain their fans. If you’ve seen one of their concerts you’ll know what I mean (just ignore the trashy outfits and Ohno/Nino’s excessive fanservice).

Okay! Poll Rattle Battle time! Which Arashi member would you like to date for a day  (in your wildest dream)?


Suave debonair Matsujun


Dorky, sweet Nino


Sexay Sho


Funny, witty Aiba

Leader of phail Ohno?


In need of mood lifting?

Have a dose of Arashi.

They’re so full of crack.


P.S. My vote goes to Nino. *Die Masami Nagasawa diiiieeee!!* ROFLMAO.


27 Responses

  1. In my 20s, me and my friend think that Arashi is our best guilty pleasure! We love Arashi, but we’re too shame to admit it. LOL.
    Maybe because of their on-and-off gayness (you know, sometime they look so gay, sometime they look so manly.. rawr..)
    And among of them, absolutely my vote goes to the king Matsumoto Jun! No one can wear better fur and curly perm than him.
    Anyway, keep your spirit high floatingstars! ^0^V

    • LOL i get what you mean about the gayness. that’s what makes them fun. king matsujun dannngg he looks even better with those skinnies than i do! he sometimes even wears tight ass leather pants!

  2. Arashi is, without a doubt, one of my favorite groups. I agree that they don’t have stellar voices, but when Ohno sings…it’s just amazing. And they are sooo cute around each other. And you can totally tell that they are really close ^^

    For me, it’s DEFINITELY Sho….he is my favorite, without a doubt! He is really smart, but somehow manages to be such a failing dork at times….he is ADORABLE

    LOL, I remember watching Step and Go and wondering what in the hell Nino was wearing….the strangest outfit…yet he somehow pulls it off.

    Though, I gotta say, my favorite songs of theirs are Truth and Sakura Sake ^^;;

    • LOL yeah strange strange yellow outfit from nino. loved the way it was flapping around while they were dancing and doing flips lol. Sakura Sake is a really good song!!

  3. My vote goes to Ohno-san. well, there’s something bout him that hook me to him. Hmm, may be his personality? He always give funny statements every time he spokes and it’s never failed to crack me up.
    By the way, I love how you summarize bout them. I kept nodded my head as I read your post.I agreed they’re not perfect but they’re improving each days and I keep loving them even more each days.

    • yay for ohno! i think he’s gonna be a fun date and there won’t be any dull moment when he’s around. i love how he’s all serious one second then funny the next lol split personality much!

  4. I agree with everything you wrote! I’ve recently been sucked into the Kpop realm, but it’s so nice coming back to Arashi. They make me smile so effortlessly. I say I’m a JE fan (and I am for the most part) but I’m mostly an Arashi fan. ^^; They’re just perfect sometimes! (and not perfect other times, but in the imperfection is love!)

    The only thing I’d add would be their TV shows are HILARIOUS! They’re idols who don’t always have to look cool (unlike *cough* KAT-TUN). My favorite thing about Arashi would also be how they really do have a close relationship and are not just faking it. ❤

    No matter how hard it is to pick, I'd probably pick Sho without a doubt. He's smart and mature, but also cute and dorky. Totally my type. ^.^

    Happy 10th Anniversary Arashi! ❤ ❤ ❤


    Ok, now that that’s out of my system…

    I really needed to see this post. What impeccable timing! And everything you said is totally true- about how they’re not necessarily the best singers/dancers, but they’re comforting and youthful and just AMAZING.

    It’s sooooo hard to choose just one member though! I’d want to try hanging out with each one for a different experience. I guess if I had to choose just ONE… although I’m really tempted to choose Nino, I think Aiba-chan would be the most fun. I bet he’d take me to an aquarium by the beach or some sort of casual date involving animals. His smile is so contagious that I want to experience it in person. If that makes any sense, lol.

    Okay, that answer is way too long and detailed. But you know, I can’t help but gush over them 😀

    Thanks for another great post! Looking forward to more 😀

    • you can’t help but smile when you see/hear arashi. these gloomy rainy days just pop in their cd and dance til you drop lol. they always remind me of summer idunno why. yeah aiba or ohno if you want a fun, outgoing date. matsujun and sho for romantic night out and hmmm nino just hang around and have a real good conversation.

  6. Phew~ Arashi is the best ya’ll….
    I can’t stand KAT-TUN-we-are so-damn-sexy thing…
    NEWS…urm,well they did their best…
    Arashi on the other hand,
    all their songs just lift us right into cloud 9 (or 10 perhaps).
    As for the poll,I don’t favour Ohno ( Oh NO!!!!!!!!)
    Aiba and Nino…might consider them.
    MatsuJun…Not at all.I heard he likes older women.I’m too young for
    My pick would be obvious…It’s Sho.
    He raps for god’s sake…-enuff said-

  7. When I first look at Nino, I’m like ‘WTH, how come this guy be in an idol group!” He look like a that otaku who gets bullied everyday or even a village boy who lives in my grandma’s neighborhood. LOL.
    But, after I watched his drama, movies & especially his variety show with Arashi, I instantly fell in love!
    So, my vote definitely goes to NINO!

    • ‘WTH, how come this guy be in an idol group!” He look like a that otaku who gets bullied everyday or even a village boy who lives in my grandma’s neighborhood.

      i LOLed so hard. so true.

  8. ARASHI~~~!!!
    LOVE THEM SO MUCH ❤ I know what you mean completely they turn the dull gloomy day into something special. they really do make me smile and warm inside. they definately the perfect combination and i agree they are totally comforting
    OMG the poll is SO hard
    it's so hard to choose between sho, aiba or ohno
    Sho because he would treat me like a princess and he would be SO lovely to be around
    Aiba would make me laugh SO very hard and the day would be just epic
    Ohno… what can i say i just love that guy

    but if i had to choose one it would be SHO!! b/c he has the silliness of aiba,the completely failness of ohno and his own unique composition which i would enjoy !

  9. I love Arashi more than any other JE group out there!! I like other groups, but as a whole, the members of Arashi are closer to my age than any other group.(I was born in ’82 like Sho, and Aiba)So I dont feel terribly old watching them as I do when I watch NewS or Kat-tun lol. Plus, their music just makes me happy, I usually have a stupid grin on my face when listening, or watching one of their shows.

    I think I would like to spend the day with Aiba. I’ve never really thought of any type of scenario however…I’ll try now. Based on appearance (since, obviously I dont know him) He seems like the type to really want to make his date happy. Although, I can’t see him planning anything in advance. I can picture meeting up with him, and he asking what I wanted to do. haha. I can see camera men hanging around, rather than a real date, it would be on like…some tv show, AIBA DATES A CANADIAN FOR A DAY! SP.
    I can see him wanting to show me more of his heritage, and his family. Proud of his family’s restaurant, I think he may suggest Chinese food, though not nessicarily at his home in Chiba! SO, Authentic Chinese food. Maybe some Japanese sweets that I’ve never had before.
    I think he’d like to show off his friends, his style, his likes, his hates, just like a normal person. I’d be doing the same, telling him about Canada, etc.

    I imagine he would be a wealth of knowledge, and excited to answer any question I had about Japan. Somehow, in the middle of it all, I think there would be a simple question he couldn’t answer. A slightly embarassed Aiba would lead us throughout (whatever city we’re in) to find the answer. We’d probably end up at a zoo, maybe Ueno?.. Talking about Lesser Panda’s and Hana Yori Dango. (lmao)

    Despite sounding a bit boring to someone else, I’d be very pleased with this….I’ve always wanted to see a Lesser Panda. (HAHAAHA!!)

    • LOLOL i love how detailed your dream date is! yeah that would be fun, if there’s anyone who can tour you to a zoo with lots of laughs and extra trivia, it has to be aiba. that would spike up ratings if that were some dating show! i know i would watch it!

  10. Wohoooo! Arashi!

    I don’t know how to put into words how much I love Arashi! (and I just did? lol) True true, their friendship is simply amazing.

    I’d choose Nino! We’d play games all day and let him show me his magic tricks!

    “*Die Masami Nagasawa diiiieeee!!” I second the notion! Just finished watching Nino’s drama with her and thanks to Nino’s cute, adorable pout/smile/smirk I actually lasted until the last episode.

  11. Even if we get sucked into liking K-pop bands but Arashi is an anchor that we don’t get tired of. At least on the whole fandom-front, Arashi fans are relatively sane/safe compared to fans of Korean bands!!! I might like certain K-pop bands but I will never admit or call myself by their fanclub-names. Don’t want to associate with them HAHA.

    • true, true. even if you’re not like them kfangirls being associated with the fan name makes a big impression— a bad one at that. i mean, i’m kind of glad that dbsk is in japan because their tohoshinki fanbase are a bit more tame and know their place. they even said so themselves. like when asked what’s the diff between korean and japan fans jaejoong said jap fans will automatically go quiet when they sing ballads. which is good i guess, you’d be totally distracted too if you’re singing a heartwrenching song while 76947925649104754 girls are screeching on your ears. lol. means that people are actually listening. i love love kpop, but their fangirls are wayyyy too attached seriously. it’s like dangerous even.

      • i agreed with you. I used to like Kpop music before and honestly I never care bout Jpop. I started to acknowledge Arashi from the poll making by Mnet where Matsujun was chosen as the Top 5 hansome guys(if I’m not mistaken). I was really shocked seeing Jpop artist can make it to top 5 coz usually it’s hard for the outsider to penetrate into the Kpop. After I found out bout Arashi, I totally become Arashi’s fan now.
        I still liking Kpop but not as much as before. In my opinion Kpop’s idol group are way too perfect and seem flawless since their debut. while Jpop’s idol group are growing better through time compare to their debut.

    actually i think each of the arashi members should morph into 1 then they’ll make a perfect bf!
    matsujun’s coolness + sho’s sexiness + aiba’s cheerfulness + ohno’s foolishness + nino’s boyish charm (i swear he’s immortal looking!)
    i cant choose! i was jun-baited into arashi..then i immediately fell in love with nino.. (stand up did it for me) then oh my… him+babies???? soooc cuuuteeeee!!!

    summary : sho! after i finish with jun and nino LOL

  13. continue..
    for ex. Arashi. they’re not perfect but that’s what make me wanted to see them more. I regret it now for not being their fan for the last ten years.

  14. I love Arashi! Love this post it’s so true. Arashi songs really make you feel good on a bad day. WISH is the end of work song for me, it’s our theme song once that plays we all head out the door!Plus among JE groups you know they are close and work well together. They are just fun to watch and so adorkable. Plus they are so talented and have different other jobs but yet when they are ARASHI everything seems to fit and right in this world. Their concerts are so enjoyable to watch (agree on the some of the costumes though, but lately it’s been good. )
    Date for a day…it would be SHO. But I have a feeling AIBA would be the fun one to be with.

  15. ARASHI~

    They can be so gay, but I love them for that ❤ lol

    And yeah, you're right, Arashi isn't overtop, they don't stick out compared to the rest of JE, but they're just right. That's why they're my favorite group now!

    A date for a day… Sho. Smart, attractive guys rule. Though Nino is a fav, and matsujun is just matsujun.

  16. Arashi~
    Love ur post! and I get what u mean on their ‘we can make it’ song because I feel the same as u do! Another such song would be sakura sake for me. Happiness just burst my heart with joy hahahaha. Ah.. Date for a day I’d choose Aiba! He can teach me how to play golf! 😀

  17. Jun-jun & Aiba-chan both. Nya

  18. i choose AIBA!!! i have been head over heels in love with him for quite some time now. ❤
    i love ur post, i love arashi.
    to be honest i have to say kat-tun's songs are not bad but i do feel they try kind of too hard to act cool? sorry. no offense. (*cough*esp kame*cough*)
    arashi's bond and songs and endless hard work make you can't help but fall for them. they shine, they fail, they joke, they have stockings pulled over their heads. you can really relate to them. it's not hard to imagine they are by your side. some idols are really 'unreachable' if you know what i mean.

  19. I agree with you . their songs are comforting. when I listen we can make it, I feel like I can do anything too =D Actually my ichiban is sho but if you’re asking one day date my choice would be matsujun. =D

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