Fashion Confessions: From Jpop divas to Disney princesses?


 It’s beginning to look a lot like Disney wonderland in JPop!


Kumi Koda, 26, wears an illuminated wedding dress during her concert at Yoyogi on Sunday night. The dress, which cost 80 million yen, was one of nine changes of costume the singer made during the concert attended by 16,500 fans. Fergie and the Black-Eyed Peas joined Koda for a duet of “That Ain’t Cool.”


Koda: Too late to play princess?

80 million yen. Dayumm. Did they get the dress lights from a Vegas night club or something? Wonder what Fergie has to say about that!

Speaking of Vegas… Here’s one Vegas showgirl that awfully looks like Cindy’s evil step-sister.



Okay well… Maybe not. She just looks like a Vegas showgirl period.


Of course Ayu wants to be in on the Disney action too! Here she is doing a little Pocahontas (when she ditched John Smith and went to the new world)

Knowing Ayumi Hamasaki, her concerts are bound to have over-the-top costumes.



POLL RATTLE BATTLE: Who rocks the Disney Princess look better?

(1) Koda Kumi! Ayu needs to go to Vegas and just marry Elvis or something.

(2) Ayumi Hamasaki rocks! Koda needs to clean the cinders where she belongs!


4 Responses

  1. Ayumi Hamasaki rocks!!
    Her outfits are all super cute!!
    and she is able to pull them all off

  2. …To be honest, Ayumi Hamasaki scares me…I like Koda Kumi MUCH more…so I think that Koda pulls it off much better…besides, the outfit is drop dead gorgeous even though it’s a tad too big…and SHEESH, spending that much on one outfit 0_0

  3. Ayumi Hamasaki rocks the Pocahontas digs. Then again, I’ve never been a fan of Cinderella->bias impairs my judgement. I’m curious. Who will we see sporting an Ursula get-up in the wonderful world of jpop?? i’m thinking long black tentacles, some purple makeup. I can see it now…

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