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Introducing! Two new segments in Icecapades!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

Remember back then when I first made a segment here in my LJ called "mini-posts," the ones that just randomly pop up every now and then? Well, this time, I wanted to do something similar and introduce to you….

FIRST! The MUST WATCH OR DIE series! These are vids that a certified fangirl should watch at least once in her lifetime. It may be good or not, old or new, silly or serious, as long as it shows your fave KPOP or JPOP idols in a different light – and explain why the hell you go crazy about them.

SECOND! The WTF series! The kinds of vids in this segment is quite self-explanatory. These are vids that make you go… WTF! ~!@#$%&()^%

So! Let’s start off with the MWOD segment, here is a 3 part series taken from a "Banjun drama" entitled "Masked Fencer," featuring none other than Micky Yoochun and U Know Yunho! The reason why I chose this out of all the gazillion dramas DBSK has churned out (Yes, those were the days when they were multi-tasking and establishing their firm grasp for world domination) – is because it’s actually quite good. The story is pretty simple – two hot guys pitting against one girl, yadda yadda. BUT meh we all fall for that cheesy stuff..

Plus it’s amusing to watch Yoochun work the brooding-I’m-so-mysterious-and-dark-with-long hair look and Yunho is such an aristocratic bitch.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The only thing I hate about watching old school Banjun dramas is that you can hear the audience going "Wooooo!" every now and then. Dang. Ruins the right moment every time. It’s not the best, but A plus plus for effort. And this type of work from the boys is pure gem. Now you just see them acting all cool and sexy. (but we’re not complaining)And it’s quite funny to see Yunho and Micky going at it, trying to kill each other. DRAMA MUCH?

Yoochun looked like he was about to cry at any given moment, and he did remind me of Kang Dong Won in the Duelist which he co-starred with Ha Ji Won.

Here are some pics:

*Note: vid and subs NOT MINE, credit goes to ginamoonbell from YT

I’ll be posting some vids for the WTF series soon, I’m hoping to grab me some JPOP stuff, though I’m quite disappointed to see nothing too crazy going on for now, but suggestions and recommendations are open for both segments! Please look forward to it!


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