Stardom Craze: How much is TOO much?

Before you read on, please follow the link to watch the video:

credit to ginaya of youtube for the subs, thanks very much!

I was watching some random variety shows a few days ago (and no, I couldn’t survive some of them Japanese shows that just drive me crazy)when I clicked on this episode of Star King. I kind of like Star King, especially their talent segments where they feature guests from all over Korea, sometimes even from other countries, who have superb talent and give them the chance to showcase it on TV.

Anyways, at first glance, I was gushing at how cute these kids were (and yes, that includes the two Dong Bang boys), especially baby Rain and his little baby love. Then this little girl suddenly talked about knowing how to do the sexy dance. I was like, ~~EHHH? Say whut.
I’m not one to be too conservative when it comes to entertainment stuff, but we’re talking little kiddies aged 4 to 5 here. We all know that kids can be very impressionable and tend to emulate whatever they hear and see, but man, the WONDERGIRLS and RAIN?? Blame it on JYP!! Just kidding. Not very good examples I must say! That little boy singing and dancing "I’m gonna be a bad boy… I’m gonna be a baaad boy…" looked really adorable but what most people overlooked was the underlying meaning it had. If the kid went on a little further with the song it would lead to the part where Rain talks about his "magic stick swirling to make your body shake" (or something similar to that translation, which I guess explains why the song was banned in Korea and was ordered to be changed).

And the baby Wonder girls! What were the parents (or whoever taught them) thinking? I’m sure it was all done in the name of jest and for the sake of entertainment but that’s just where the rub is. Imagine if you had a kid yourself right now and he or she already knows who the Wonder girls are! Normally kids at that age would be playing around, doing street games or something, but now they are watching TV, doing the "sexy dance," imitating SoHee or some other random KPOP artist! Next thing you know, they’ll be wearing micro mini-skirts and heavy eye makeup dancing to Hyori’s "Hey Mr. Big!"

Don’t get me wrong, I kind of got pulled in by the whole Wonder girls craze but that "I want nobody nobody but chuu~~" is just getting a little too annoying, and now even kids are doing it!

Don’t you think these kids are having a little too much KPOP craze too soon?

I don’t know why some kids are just too eager to grow up. Or maybe they’re just really soaked by the entertainment media and the adults around them that tolerate it which might be the reason why they don’t know how to be kids anymore.

Discuss people!

Here is Rain’s subbed “Rainism” MV. Very naughty. But only good for fangirls aged 18 and above.

Nobody – Wonder Girls


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