Cheerful yearender: Parodies Paradise

Taking inspiration from my previous post (random cuteness) I’d like to greet you all a happy new year with a good, hearty laugh.

MIROTIC parody. A bunch of old folks give DBSK a run for their money. My fave part is in the beginning where they each "mysteriously" get pulled in by some unknown force and the Micky wannabe who simply doesn’t have a clue! Sexy ahjummas and ahjussis on the rise! By the way, the are actually teachers. LOL. So this is what they teach in school nowadays. Sign me up to that school! Cool, cool!

The original Mirotic mv by the DBSK hotties. And yes, that means you, Jaejoong (though right now my icon says otherwise, can’t choose between the two!)!

DBSK: Nooooo!

BIG BANG LIES MV parody. Credits to pearltea for this funny funny vid yay for your hardwork and attention to details! MUST SEE! P.S. I kinda have a little crush on the guy with the pink tank top and wig lol.

THE ORIGINAL. The song that sparked Big Bang’s fame. Lies MV! So dramatic and emo. It’s so G-dragon.

Haru Haru Spoof by Infinity Challenge!

Girls’… er, Boys’ Generation? Here are a bunch of Korean boys who probably didn’t have anything to do. So what’s a normal kid got to do? Make a parody video of a girly girl group. LOL. Must be fanboys. credit to naver.

BIG BANG strikes again! "Cute" and "Pretty" – two words you will never describe our rebel boys. But this time they appear as the girls of S.E.S., the 90’s girl group from SM company that was extremely famous even in Japan. Move over SNSD!

OMG G-Dragon is having way too much fun in this. It’s a bit disturbing, but he fits the cutesy well. Who knew he had it in him!! I love how he just hops and skips around like a girl and in the beginning where he "fixes" his "bra" lol. Manly man T.O.P. looks kinda gross with the weird, messy wig and it seems like you can’t take the cool out of the man. He’s just got the sleek moves. It even looks like he’s a bit uncomfy and wants to get the whole thing over and done with. LOL at Taeyang. So bouncy. Love the breakdancing at the end.

THE ORIGINAL. S.E.S.!! How nostalgic. Love these girls. They’re definitely the best!

S.E.S. is LOVE.



Okay, maybe it’s not really a parody. But they’re hilarious. LMFAO the biker shorts are a classic. I miss the old school K8!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! CHEERS TO MORE FANGIRLING IN ’09:) Please feel free post your new year messages to your favorite stars! Now’s your chance!

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