Mini-post! Celebration and random LOL

Okay if you’re bored like me you’ve probably stalked some Japanese entertainment blogs and sniffed the latest gossip about Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka (the singer, not the ditzy H!P girl or some random gravure idol – why do they always have to be named Ayaka? Msytery, that is…). They got caught by the wily lens of the paparazzi sharing an umbrella and holding hands. Kinda cheesy but hey, we all live for the mush. OH JOY! Finally a couple I’m actually rooting for, despite my school girl crush on Hiro (yes, I suddenly had an urge to watch that kiddie show Kamen rider even when I am several years too old to watch it) , but my admiration for Ayaka just rules out that madness. I remember distinctly how I felt like I could rule the world whenever I hear her sing "I believe myself…" But then the song ends and i revert back to reality.

(major credits go to uwasako@LJ for this pic and info)

And now for some random LOL (stress on the caps). I know this aired a few months ago but because this LJ wasn’t born then I just had to share this to everyone:

Wanna know the similarity between SMAP and Mariah Carey?


~ Awkward Silence as random hay ball wheezes by~

I’ve got nothing against SMAP, really. Kimura Takuya and Nakai wins. You’ve got to give it to them for making it this long. I mean, it’s pretty rare that you’d come across a boy band, er,, a man band that still dances and sings like a boy band circa 80’s. BUT SERIOUSLY.

Props for effort but singing along enthusiastically with Mariah, "Touch my body… I know you like my curves…" That should raise an eyebrow! Hilar!

Same thing with their duet with any other stars, I remember how they kind of murdered Utada Hikaru’s songs by dancing in the background.

Here’s a link to the article where TOTO got pissed off by SMAP’s singing skills (or lack thereof)

"It is rumoured that in the episode of SMAPXSMAP aired on 24th March 2008, special guests Toto (some American grammy award winning rock band I’ve never heard of until now) were rather exasperated by SMAP’s lousy singing skills. So exasperated, in fact, that Toto tried to “teach” them how to sing, and everybody on the set, including staff, were “frozen” in awkwardness."

~ Awkward Silence as random hay ball wheezes by~

Comments from youtube perfs say it all. You’d figure that after years of doing the things they do they’d show some kind of improvement. People always say, well, they’re idols/ performers and not singers… So that explains it. That was cute… Say 10, 15 years ago. Ohkaythankyou.

No offense to SMAP fans out there! PEACE:)


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