What will you say if JE boys ask you: Trick or Treat?

Hello gorgeous people!

Finally I get to some time off! And that means new posts! So, to all of my readers out there I’d like to present to you a very special Halloween Holiday post! I hope you all get scared! Well… I doubt it…

It’s Halloween and you’re having a hard time looking for a costume to wear… Here are some (not-so) helpful tips!

Numero uno tip – shop with someone who’s willing to trail around behind you, who’s ready to tell you how you look and carry your shopping bags. Hopefully he’s someone who looks like Yamapi.

Yamapi thinks: What do vampires do?
They. suck. blood.
And we wouldn’t mind.

Tip number 2: Look into your granma’s closet and fish out clothes blindfolded.

Tip number 3: Share your Halloween with friends! And by friends I mean human…

Don’t sleep and don’t take a bath for a week. People will run away from you. Literally.

Let chameleon Pi show you how costumes are done!

I. am. Chuck. Bass.

From surfer dude to a crybaby. Gotta admit that pink polka dotted bib and matching hat is overdoing it just a tad too much, don’tcha think?

I spy with my eye… Pi in a fish outfit that looks like a banana! Or is it a banana that looks like a fish?

Pi as a red chili pepper! Poor Pi, looks like he wants out of that thing and fast! Well, what is there to say but… That’s HOT!

The different faces of Pi!

Pi as Captain Jack Sparrow. Yoho yoho! Arrrrrgh! I’ll show KAT-TUN what pirates really look like!

Andale! Andale! Pi about to do the Macarena! Sorry a friend of mine who gave the pic said it’s Koyama, but I watched the vid and it’s a comedian from a TV show:)

Tip number 4: Pimp it up.

It’s all about the ATTITUDE.

Better yet, be like Tegoshi and bring a real live pole for props.

Go traditional like NEWS!

Tip number 5: Be animalistic!

Shige: Oiiinnkkkk!

Johnny’s Juniors escape the zoo?

Monkey Kong KAT-TUN! (The best looking in a monkey suit’s got to be Jin vs Ueda)

Koki is here to scare you! BOOOO!

Dress like Josie and the Pussycats! Rawr.

Harry Potter and the order of KAT-TUN. LOL Jin as Hermione.

Jin. Bloody and gory. I can almost imagine what fanfics are saying now. "Vampire Yamapi lurks deep into the night as he spots his helpless victim, Jin, who’s secretly in love with him and wants to be a part of the vampire underworld…" Ugh.

Tip number 6: Dress like a girl! (If you’re not already one!)

Dude looks like a lady!

Everyone please welcome, little miss Nina!

Tip number 7: Be violent!

Ohno the slasher!

Last and best tip: Listen to the experts. KANJANI8!

Kanjani8 giving tribute and making space for Uchi.


Nothing scares like the sousuke theme!


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