La Leah D., preggers and married!

OMG where the hell have I been? Am I the only one who didn’t know about this?


American gravure idol Leah Dizon has announced that she had a shotgun wedding last week:

Dizon’s husband is reportedly a Japanese stylist that she met through work. They met about a year ago when he was involved in a shoot for one of Dizon’s CD jackets. They became friends after Dizon began consulting with him about work, and it developed into a relationship. The man is said to be older than the idol, but still in his twenties.

The couple recently discovered that Dizon is pregnant, and they decided to get married. A press conference with more details is being held on Wednesday.

Leah Dizon’s husband Bun declines to comment on their marriage

Friday 17th October, 04:57 PM JST


The husband of American singer Leah Dizon, 22, who had surprisingly announced their marriage on Tuesday night at her concert, has declined to comment, several tabloid media reported on Friday.

The husband’s name is Bun, and he is a 29-year-old Japanese stylist who has worked for celebrities, such as singer BoA, and fashion shows nationwide. Sources close to him say Bun is 170 cm tall, thin, and Johnny Depp-like in appearance, according to media reports. Bun, however, declined to answer any questions from reporters, saying, “I’m not a person who is supposed to appear in the media. I’m sorry.”

At her press conference on Wednesday, Dizon was asked what Bun liked most about her. “Big peach,” she answered, referring to her bottom.

Here’s her very tearful announcement.

A lot of guys must be in mourning right now. So I guess she won’t be doing this for a while:

Okay, before you tell me I’m being too mean… Remember when I said I love to hate, hate to love Leah, well, I kind of, sorta, do like her when she has clothes on… I mean, hello, I’m not blind, the girl is indeed gorgeous, minus the creepy doll emotion-less eyes. And her voice may not be that good, but her songs are pretty catchy.

Well, no judgment here. If she’s happy, well, good for her. If die-hard testosterone filled guys can’t accept that, then sucks to be them.

*singing* Baby please fall in love….*

All I can say is… Good luck Leah! You’re gonna have a really cute baby, seriously.

I am somehow affected. Oh wait, that was just my stomach telling me I’m hungry.

This is the song that I really like from Leah, the rest of her songs are just so-so imho.


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