101 signs that tell you’re a drama addict

Well, not really a hundred and one.

Okay since we’re on the subject of Asian dramas, let’s talk about some signs that tell you maybe you’re bordering on being too obsessed with watching too much of those dramas and get too addicted with the celebrities who play characters in them.

Hmmm… As for my own experience, I can say that there was a time when I was a drama addict and severely needed therapy. I can name a few instances, and draw some incidents from some people I know. So if you find yourself nodding to these signs… Go get tush in drama rehab if there ever is one, lol. Or maybe we can form a group session and our introduction would be…. "Hi, I’m _____, and I’m a drama addict."

Tell tale signs (not in order):

When you’re the only one in the family who watches Asian dramas, you lock the door and watch your fave series, and pretend not to hear when they’re calling and put up a sign that says "BUSY. DO. NOT. DISTURB."

When people greet you, you reply: "Konichiwa!" or "Anyong Haseyo!" Or when you friend tells you a story, you say "Honto??!" "Neh?"(or whatever language you confused yourself with)

You enter in a foreign language class to understand what the characters in the drama are saying.

You apply for a visa and promise to visit the famous places where they shot the drama.

When you’re watching the local news or any show that’s not a drama, you’re expecting some english subs to come out.

You bow to greet people even when you’re talking on the phone.

You stay up all night watching even when you have exams or work the next day.

Your computer has become a slowpoke because of overused and overfilled memory and downloads.

You hate waking up in the morning because you were dreaming about your fave celeb who was about to give you a smooch.

You say no to dates or shopping day with your friends because you’d rather stay cooped up on your bed, watching impatiently, irritated because of the strange cliffhanger the drama aired the day before.

You curse the villain of the story, cry when the lead cries, feel heartbroken and mourn when a character dies.

You have no knowledge about what’s happening in the world.

You have no boyfriend/ girlfriend. Any person simply won’t live up to the dashing Domyouji (Matsujun) or ideal boyfriend Night (Hayami Mocomichi).

You can’t wait for the regular airing on TV so you buy pirated videos, even if the subs make your nose bleed.

Your desktop, ring tone, cell phone screen have pics of the drama.

Crunchyroll, popseoul, k-popped.com, mysoju,com, myfirstgossipblog.blogspot (and hopefully this LJ) or any one of these sites is your home page.

You have no friends. Only those in LJ communities.

You have no boy/ girlfriend. You do, but only in your mind.

You have a sudden craving for Kimchi, jjajangmyun, sushi, dumplings, and the like.

You tell yourself that you’re not an addict. And keep telling yourself…. "Just one last episode." Until you realize you finished it all.

You know all the real names of the actors by heart even if you twist your tongue just saying them.

On normal conversations you keep inserting moments that happened in the drama and call people by their name plus – chan, – san, – kun, – shhi or call them by their first name following their last name.

Not knowing who the hell Blair Waldorf is or not care whoever won American Idol.

You copy their hairstyle and wardrobe. Yamapi perm, anyone?

You dream at night, and day dream. If you can do that all at the same time then you’re in trouble.

You watch and re-watch a drama 7926581282301856721 times.

You sing the soundtrack even when you can’t keep up with the lyrics.

You smile to yourself when you remember a sweet moment in the drama (even when people are staring at you weird)

You hate Masami Nagasawa. (Sorry I just had to put that in)

You wish the characters in the drama are couples in real life and get angry when it’s reported that one is dating someone else.
Signs? What signs? (Admitting you are an addict is one way to recovery)

You talk to people using the unforgettable lines in the drama or forward them as text or email messages.

You know all the drama cliches and still continue to watch them.

If you say yes to any of these, you’re on the right track! LOL

If you ask me if I am an addict or what makes me one, well… I created this LJ. LOL.

So please, share your thoughts! Dozo! Onegaishimasu!


6 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m an addict for sure lol. I answered “yes” to about 80% of these XD

  2. does it count that i watched all the dramas that are in your pics? I have watched tons and tons more and don’t watch regular tv at all anymore. can’t be helped somethings got to give. lol i just found your LJ today and find it so funny, i just love it!

  3. AHHH. i know my comment is late but omg omg omg omg HAHHHAHAHAHAHHA. i want to create a similar list like this.

    for the first point: my mum, my sis and I all watch Asian dramas, I ain’t the only one. so XDDDD but we definitely lock the room cuz if Dad finds out. xD GOSH. you should see how my mum flaps about worrying about dad seeing her watching dramas but she’ll go “BUT ONLY 10 MORE MINUTES. FINISHING ALR FINISHING!!!” its utter LOL.

    uhm, okay TMI overload whoops XD

    but anyway, HAHAHAHA I AM A SELF-DECLARED DORAMA OTAKU (or drama nerd/freak).
    I studied Japanese precisely because I wanted to know what they’re saying so I don’t have to wait for slooww fansubbers and can watch it raw. (you should include this! XD)
    I also used the excuse of watching drama as “I’m studying my Japanese/Korean!!!”
    And it’s a vicious cycle. LOL

    I agree with the cliches part.
    You know what exactly is going to happen.
    In fact, you can recite the line for the character even if the drama is new/just aired/never seen before.
    eg. “XX no koto, suki nanda. Daisuki.”

    it happens to me so often. what’s worse, I GIGGLE. XDD

    omg omg omg
    i’d totally say more but this comment is long enough HEHHHH. i’m currently on cold turkey from dramas cuz of my exams, but HOMG, cold turkey suckksss.
    and i think it just shows the extent of my drama crazie that I can still spazz dramas despite being on cold turkey. OOO:

    okay. uhm. sorry for the—- overkill. O:

    • LOL thanks for this comment! it’s amazing! i can relate to all you said, my mom also likes watching dramas except for my big sister who looks at us weirdly when we watch them. she thinks we’ve gone nuts LOL. and i’m also undergoing cold turkey for dramas because i can’t find time and i just can’t stand watching them online. it takes too long that’s why i’m waiting for DVDs. but i do want to try learning korean or japanese! i’m having chinese/mandarin lessons but i don’t really watch taiwanese dramas anymore so idunno if that’s gonna help.

  4. Ohmy.. I am such an addicted I said yes to ALL of these! XD

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