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Kdrama and Jdrama moments: Cliches or Must haves?

Hello gorgeous people!

Wow it’s been a long time since my last post. Well, you know my lame excuse, been busy and stuff. But man, I’ve missed raving slash fangirling and of course, ranting! Yes, it’s my double personality to be a (rather reluctant, sometimes out in the open, sometimes closet) fangirl myself and annoy other fangirls, lol. So! Let me first tell you a little background about this post. I was cleaning my DVD stash when I came across this really old copy of Winter Sonata, a Korean drama that’s one of those series that started the whole hallyu (wave) across Asia. I mean, come on, who can resist a buff bespectacled Bae Yong Joon , right? I mean, most of us wouldn’t like to admit it but yes! WE ARE ALL SUCKERS FOR MUSHY AND PERPETUALLY SAD AND DEPRESSING LOVE STORIES.

I know there are a lot of forums about drama cliches but well, let’s all relieve those unforgettable (mostly overused, tried and tested, however you may call it) moments in Korean and Japanese dramas!


Well, this one’s a classic. No tension will ever be complete without one character being the total opposite of the other. Well, until the geek undergoes a complete makeover like the Kdramas Snow White, Witch Yoo Hee (which sucked, by the way) and Jdrama Densha Otoko. But our favorite and loveable otaku Densha did try to clean up his act and his looks but what’s good about the story was that in the end he remained just as geeky as he is.


Why do girls always have to be the crazy ones? Just a question. I mean, it’s always the guys who are dull, jaded, indifferent, insensitive and angry. Hmmm.. I guess that’s a good thing?

GAMBATTE (You can do it! Do your best!) SCHOOL STORIES

You all know the Yankumi Gokusen drill. A bunch of brats and thugs in one class and one overly enthusiastic teacher who goes beyond the call of duty to help them all. One kid gets in trouble, Yankumi rescues. Everyone happy.
Dragon Zakura and Nobuta Wo Produce. One word: YAMAPI


I have yet to see a story where a guy has to step into a girl’s shoes. Girls did it, why can’t they? I guess it’s a huge role to do and they sure can’t handle those high heels. Now that would be interesting, huh? I mean, think about it. There are a lot of Korean and Japanese male celebs who technically look like girls! Calling Tegoshi Yuya *hint hint*


Yeah, it happens.


The surprise embrace from behind! Can’t miss that. But you have to make sure the person you’re hugging doesn’t get too surprised or else she or he might hit you from the back and mistake you for a perv or something. And that carry me on your back when I’m drunk kind of thing. Geez. Apparently piggy back rides are not just for kids. THE ACCIDENTAL KISS. OMG. How the hell is that possible? Just imagine. You trip on your toes and UNINTENTIONALLY land your lips on to someone else’s?


AGAIN WITH THE DOUBLE STANDARD. Why is there tension or problem when the woman is older than her man? You don’t hear people complaining when a guy’s the oldie one (well unless it steps on the pedophile line). Like in Kame-Misaki Sapuri drama (which sucked too, by the way, no chemistry whatsoever) Dal Ja’s Spring and Kim Sam Soon (which, I love because she showed that leading ladies don’t always have to be skinny insects)


These are the characters who just can’t move on and simply cannot take a hint!

Speaking of dumped ones… Why do they always have to be hotter than the one the girl ends up with???

Girls don’t like the doormat, too-good-to-be-true guys who always lend a shoulder to them when their love interest treats them like dirt. Apparently they prefer to be treated badly?

Okay, the number one moment has to be a tie among:

1 the character had amnesia
2 incest
3 someone has to go blind or die in the end


Stairway to Heaven tops it all.Choi Ji Woo had an accident and had amnesia, is hated by her evil stepmother and stepsis, is liked by is half-brother, and goes blind in the end. As if that weren’t enough. SHE DIED. NIce!

I simply don’t get how incest (but wait, there’s more! It turns out they’re not siblings in the end!) stories are considered romantic. It’s just plain creepy.

One litre of tears. Cried a bucket.

Same goes for Winter Sonata. Childhood sweeties. Guy gets amnesia, thought he died, comes back "alive," thought his love was his half-sister, but then ended up being blind. But the good news is that he didn’t die in the end.

Man, those endings are torture!!! WTH. And don’t you just hate it when in the middle of the story one of the characters mention the TITLE of the series? Idunno, like, uhm… "Someday I’ll meet you on the Stairway to Heaven" or something. But you still watch and love them!

3 Responses

  1. This was so funny =D I tell my friends these cliches all the time and we laugh about them like crazy. I especially laughed at ‘the accidental kiss’ part. Have you watch That Fool before? (can find on mysoju or viikii) It’s like the opposite of the rich famous guy thingy and really sweet. No one in danger of dying either. I don’t watch kdramas though except that one.

    And can I add one more thing? The leads (who you KNOW will end up together) almost always hate each other at first. Too obvious..

    • LOL so true about always hating each other at first! they want to build funny/sweet moments with violence and verbal diarrhea LOL. Who’s on “That fool?” is it a Kdrama?

      • hello! yeah it’s a kdrama, the lead actress is kim ah joong or kim ahjung. She plays the most popular actress in korea, and the male lead is a honest postman. He’s not goodlooking but really likeable=) It’s a really sweet show and funny… i liked it because all the characters were really likeable in the end, except for the main bad guy of course. And another thing I liked was that…………she didn’t keep changing her mind about who she liked. That REALLY annoyed me in meteor garden. Hee

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