Favorite Japanese stars: Girls-next-door all grown up

Hey gorgeous people!

It’s quite a busy week for me so lately I’ve been doing mini-posts, I hope it’s okay. And I’ve been planning to watch a TV series or a movie because I want to make a review out of it. It’s been a while since I’ve written one, but I’m not sure which I should do just yet. Maybe depending on whether it’s already out with subs or not… Any suggestions?

Anyways, here’s another mini-post. It’s about Japanese stars which are known for their girl-next-door image or at least people have really gotten familiar with them through their cute slash kawaii looks. But sometimes they have to step outside of the box and explore other images, especially in portraying roles in dramas or movies and photoshoots. It only shows how versatile they are as actresses, but some fans may disagree otherwise. You know how fans get when the little girl they have in their minds start growing up too fast.


We’ve always seen Masami with simple-looking clothes (loose-fitting, wrinkled dresses over tights which my friends call "the bag dress," flats and no makeup) and that perpetual smile on her face, in short, she’s always portrayed the cute, naive, innocent type (which she overdoes, sometimes it gets annoying) but in this photoshoot, who knew she can be sexy and look like somewhat of a rock girl!


All glammed up and all grown up! She looks gorgeous in the beige gown.

The meek and quiet pretty girl toughens up!

Still cute.


Erika goes sexy in a magazine shoot.

Misa Misa, is that you?


For most people, Erika will always be the sweet Amane Kaouru (Taiyou no Uta) and the loveable student in 1 Litre of Tears – until she shed her sweet ways and turned over to the dark side.

What makes Erika’s photoshoots work is that she is FIERCE and FEARLESS. You can almost tell that she doesn’t second guess herself when it comes to the poses and she’s not afraid to let go, and take a risk.

Queen Dominatrix.

So.. What do you think? Which transformation did you like or not like?

That reminds me… I made a post before about gravure idols who became stars (or the other way around), which also feature these pretty ladies. You can find it here: http://icecapades.livejournal.com/4658.html


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