What’s the difference between Anne Hathaway and Song Hye Kyo?

It’s mini-post time again! My first mini-post was about Hayami Mocomichi which you can find here: http://icecapades.livejournal.com/10096.html

I was browsing through W mag with the lovely Anne Hathaway on the cover and I stopped midway, thinking, "What does this photoshoot remind me of?"

Anne in gorgeous designer clothes…

Ah ha! It’s quite similar to the photo and cover spread Song Hye Kyo did on Vogue back in ’07 when she was promoting her first film venture "Hwang Jin Yi."

It’s the exaggerated yet stylized hair that makes these two pretty ladies stand out.

OOH so fierce!

Ladies in white. Love Anne’s dark smoky eyes and SHK’s natural, almost no makeup look.

Don’t hate us ‘coz we’re beautiful.

High fashion. QUEENS.

Pretty cool, huh? So whaddya think? Which photoshoot did you like better?

Additional tidbit: Just in case you don’t already know, Song Hye Kyo’s set to conquer Hollywood in the thriller "Make yourself at Home." Watch out for it when it hits the theaters!

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