Visions of Art Part 2: Japanese Male Celebs in traditional Kimono and casual wear

Hey it’s me again!

So for next week I’ll be a bit busy so I really made it a point to finish this huge project of collecting photos of celebs in Kimono, Yukata and other traditional Japanese clothing. Due to insistent public demand, here are our favorite gentlemen looking as gorgeous as the ladies did in the previous post. In their case I added pics that showed them wearing warrior gears that I’ve seen in period movies.

Okay, just some fun background info to get us started:

I’ve read somewhere that men’s Kimono, in contrast to the women’s, are more subdued in color, have subtle patterns and have different textures. The most typical color for the formal type would be black and gray. But the casual ones can be seen in brighter colors, and some are worn during the summer or during festivals.

Man of the people Ken Watanabe in the movie "The Last Samurai" co-starring Tom Cruise. In this scene he
is in the palace talking to the young emperor, which is why he’s dressed formally. Dark maroon with simple green accents. Verrry nice.

Everyone’s ideal absolute boyfriend Hayami Mocomichi looking all relaxed, just chillin.’ He kinda looks a little sleepy too, but whatevs, he’s still a keeper.

Narimiya Hiroki a.k.a. hotshot gigolo, probably in some gourmet program or event. Looks yummy. And I’m not talking about the food he’s showing.

Yamamoto Yusuke lights up the festival fireworks! That’s hot.

Run for the hills! Satoshi Tsumabuki is being chased by a mob of die-hard fangirls!

Our favorite Dororo (and possibly in real life) couple! He and Shibasaki Kou make a fierce team! Maybe we should call them team KouSato!

Uchi Hiroki in his recently concluded drama Osen with Aoi Yuu

Old vs New, Traditional vs Modern. It’s the constant struggle that Uchi had to go through in this drama. The above pic shows him working in the restaurant that does things the old, trusty ways while the pic below shows him working at a modern day resto that shows all the gimmicks.

Whoever hates this kid seriously does not have a heart. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit confusing to remember all of HSJ and perhaps it can be a little embarrassing to listen to their songs out loud, but just look at him! Chinen, make daddy Ohno proud!

POP QUIZ!! Can you guess who’s this guy beside Miyazaki Aoi?


It’s E-I-T-A!!! Far cry from his Edward scissor-hands hair in Last Friends! I think he looks better with his hair shaved off, looks pretty cool actually.

Pan-Asian super star Takeshi Kaneshiro looks hardly recognizable in his new period film.

Who can forget Matsuda Shota as the sophisticated and well-mannered heir in Hana Yori Dango?

The boys of summer!

I can almost hear them now. Arashi! Arashi! For dreammmm! Here they are in their younger days lounging around, enjoying a nice sunny day. Now why am I not surprised that Matsujun is wearing pink?

An OTP from the past we’ve all forgotten? Cute cute!

You can find more chibi pics from my previous post here:


When they were actually, really eight. Oh, those were the days…

Swordboy Ohkura. Love the piercing eyes. Yoko. Love the melancholic, faraway look.

Now these guys need a some more love! Tackey and Tsubasa!

Imai Tsubasa

Hideaki Takizawa in his Taiga drama Yoshitsune. T&T is a great duo, it’d be great to see more of them.

Gackt. Oooooh. So cool.

Miyavi gives a little twist to wearing the Kimono. Rock star style.

Make some way for… KAT-TUN

Trio Nakamaru, Kame and Jin.

Gangsta Koki robes up!

Jinjin and a fan. Literally. Is that Koyama or Ueda in the background (second pic)?

Nakamaru’s striped design Yukata’s the best.

Cutiepie Koike Teppei! You’d surely rather watch him instead of the cherry blossoms!


Nishikido Ryo in his slightly lighter colored hair days…

Shige Kato works the camera! The boy knows his angles.

What’s up, gurl? Now if I hadn’t known that this was Tegoshi I would’ve put him in the ladies in Kimono/Yukata post.

He will fit right in. See for yourself:

Here he is in his starring role in Shabake. The hair cut brought out his eyes. Cute.

Massu the muscular one!

Koyama brings in some color by wearing white with purple patterns and a matching red uchiwa.

I’d like to dedicate a special corner for Pi, as a tribute to him looking especially good with his laid back style and attitude…

Now we all know he said that he can’t smile in front of the camera… too bad, it would surely make a huge difference. Shout out to old boy Johnny: Give the boy a well-deserved vacation! The guys been slaving his tush for years!

Pi in his Taiga style movie "Byakkotai" co-starring Koki

Nice hair.


Mr. Nice Guy Shun in formal traditional wear.

Mizushima Hiro!!! *faints*


Manly man senpai! Tamaki Hiroshi looks very regal and oh-so fine!

Tamaki goes all natural. Green’s definitely his color.


Now as a special bonus, here are two pics I managed to dig up in my chaotic files… Little Ryochan!

I’d like to share this song from one of my fave bands, Brump of Chicken. Somehow it sounds kinda nostalgic…

major thanks to vierran45 for the two takki pics! love it!


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