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Visions of Art: Japanese Female Celebs in Kimonos/ Yukata

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

First off, sorry for the delayed posts. I’ve been running up and down with chores, work and bouts of laziness lol. Anyhoodles, I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture (duh, obviously) and this time I want to highlight one of their traditional clothing – the classic and beautiful Kimono. In college I wrote a research paper about Geisha and later on I wrote a book review on Memoirs of a Geisha and Mineko Iwasaki’s "Geisha, A Life." I wasn’t a fan of the movie, the actors were great, but slightly misplaced, plus there’s a problem with the use of language. But the costume designer was so brilliant, the Kimonos worn by the leads were fantastic.

I entitled the post Visions of Art because wearing a Kimono is like wearing a painting where there’s technique, creativity and style is all at play. And it’s not an easy thing to wear, nor is it easy to put on. Its creation takes real skill and expertise. It also reflects the country’s seasons, the people’s feelings, emotions and ultimately, the Japanese way of life.

Girls of Summer

Ai Kato, Emi Suzuki and Nozomi Sasaki brighten up the day with their colorful, flower designed garbs perfect for the summer. I especially like Kato’s red and orange combination. Never thought those two colors would work but it turned out really lovely.Love Nozomi’s hair piece.

Odagiri Joe’s wifey Kashi Yuu keeps it classic in black.

Shibasaki Kou plays a young maiko aspiring to be a full-fledged Geisha. Her eyes look piercing. Fierce!

East meets West. La Leah D. tries on light and dark colored Kimonos.

Leah recently released her own line of Kimonos after her wedding dress collection. The girl is on a roll! Wonder what’s next? Kind of like how she started out singing pop songs and now her new album contains rock songs. I guess it’s because she’s trying to establish her own identity by trying a lot of things, but sometimes it can get a little confusing. But in all fairness, her Kimonos are lovely. The colors are vibrant with patterns of flowers and butterflies.

To see more of her Kimono line, visit:

Saki Aibu keeps it sweet, clean and young in white with colored flower patterns. She looks simple and serene.

Tall beauty Misaki Ito up strolls around the town. She’s sure to get the everyone’s attention especially with the black one with stripes design (third pic), love the flower accent on the obi.

Japan’s little darling Kaho. She’s a fast rising star because of her good acting chops and of course, with her cheery loveable little sisterly-like image, the one makes you want to be her best friend. Real cute! Watch out, Aragaki Yui!

Cutiepie Inoue Mao! She’s just so loveable. Major thanks to flootist1661 for this pic!XDXD

Speaking of cute…

Erika Toda in fiery red!

Okay. Masami Nagasawa. For those who survived the whole of Last Friends with Masami’s acting (with constant whining and squealing), congratulations! That’s quite an achievement! On a good note, her bright orange Kimono/ Yukata (second pic) is so pretty. The colors are just so happy and fruity. And her smile is quite… infectious.

To view my Last Friends review go here:

Easy on the curling iron, dear. Love her pink Kimono.

Satomi Ishihara mixes a trendy, modern, short bob with a classic black Kimono. She so fierce! In contrast, her second pic has that simple, nature colors that make you feel calm and relaxed.

Tanaka Miho captures child-like innocence with a matching lollipop. Cute cute.

Speaking of sweet and innocent…

Aragaki Yui is adorkable in eyeglasses enjoying a day of fun and food! Would be much better if Miura Haruma was around, lol.

Blondes just wanna have fun! Anna Tsuchiya keeps the rockstar in her and gives a twist to her Kimono – with her fierce rocker attitude.

No list is complete without Erika Sawajiri! Here she is in a Pepsi Nex CM with Hotties Satoshi Tsumabuki and Fukuyama. She looks and sounds so diva. Like seriously-gonna-punch-you-in-the-face kind of diva.


Chiaki Kuriyama blends in the background. Now that’s art! The patterns are so creative and each one stands out.

Maki Horikita the Yakuza princess. Mess with her and you’re dead.

Simply lovely. Just wish there was more expression especially in the last pic.

Quiet beauty. Maki is sure to capture everyone’s hearts.

Classic beauty Yukie Nakama. Who can forget her as the feisty Yakuza leader and teacher in the Gokusen series? She looks real pretty with her hair down.

Aoi Yuu

Sweetface Aoi

Here are image clips from her drama Osen, with Uchi Hiroki.

Love the blend of colors.

Aww… Cute couple running errands. Notice the vibrant background.

The face that Okada Junichi of V6 loves. They make such a good couple. Yes, they’re dating in real life! Source:

Aoi in a press conference… Aww, she’s so shy!



Miyazaki wears gorgeous Kimonos in her Taiga drama "Atsuhime." The silk fabric with a fine texture gives an elegant, sophisticated feel. She’s looks like pure royalty!

The fun, cute and bubbly Miyazaki we all know and love.

Which one’s your favorite among all of these lovely ladies?

Hope you enjoyed this post!XDXD

For this post I chose to play Utada Hikaru’s song Sakura Drops because some of the Kimonos/ Yukata were inspired by Cherry Blossoms and a change of the season.

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